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Great but This is a great game and all but the connection keep saying i lost it i have full internet please fix this and ill give this a five star. Muito bom!

BEST TANK GAME!!!!!!!!!! This game is awesome , I encourage this reader to install this app Go well

Boostedstreets504 Love the game. Very easy to play. Only thing is, the tanks should have better ammo. Not some boring weak laser beam. Marvelous

Too easy but good Its to easy to beat every one no swet with my eyes closed but besides that its a good game Superb!

Iron tanks This game is the best I wish there was a ten star bar that I could rate for this game. Go well

Reliable operations on game I play alot of tank battle games, but love this game due to the futuristic attributes it offers. Climbing walls is a blast, shooting later shots is fun. Check it out and give it a try you'll have alot of fun but with competitive battling . There's team vs team or "Free For All's". Build your tank strengths with armor, ammunition, speed and very cool decals and paints and eliminate the enemy all around you! See you on the Battle Front! Look For My Tank it's Tagged "Wi-Fi" love it

Pretty fun It's a good game, with fun abilities (like wall climbing). The only trouble I have is with connecting to the servers on certain maps. I would recommend this game for when your bored in school like me Brilliant

Fun PvP Action So far this game is pretty good. I can see that there might be a repetition problem being PvP only, two battle modes so far and a hand full of maps. 5 star

Really I have a strong connection to play multiplayer but when its my first 10 seconds to play it said server connection lost even I didn't take my first shot, please fix this game I don't want to in install this game it took me 7hrs. to download this game. Well done!!

Awesome, like it was a year ago! Newest updates are going well, no lost connections, turret control and speed are fine on tank, it reminds me of tanks from a year ago!! Thank you for a cool game, still one of my favorites!! Worth it!

Not the best though Its a great game but.Not like World Of Tanks.Maybe add special premium tanks for events.But otherwise a lovely game! Works perfectly

It's ok It's alright a little slow and can be alittle difficult to drive and shoot but u can catch on pretty fast. Try it to see if it's for u Cool

Best game ever made YO YO guys I am back with the new series of iron tank and thanks to the owner for making this game Good

Awesome... This is a one of my favorite online game also too addictive. The rank is depend your skill and tank's upgrades.. Just try out.. You will like it.. Flawless

Fun! Fun! I can't seem to put the phone down when I'm playing Tanks. It's very exciting and especially when I'm beating the fellas :) lol Fantastic

Love the game Hate the random server disconnecting which also makes you lose picked up bonuses and fuel. Always happens on WiFi and 4g even when full signal. Also, why do you need permission to access photos, contacts, calls and texts? Enjoy it!

Great but... When do I unlock team battles or tournaments. I'm currently on lev 3 and there's no sign of em. PLZ HELP thanks Marvelous

This game is great it really reminded me of another tank game called Tanki online and this game has really good grafics 5 star

Super duper Game ever played I love this game , nice Graphics Thanks for making this type of game, really i am waiting for another game from you (Extreme Developers). Highly Recommend.

BEST COMBAT GAME NEVER !!! Tank skills or no tank skills don't think of finding me cause I known the the maps in and out. signed by B1000 Flawless

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