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Nice game, on 3G network i said, now I using 4G network is better, server not disconnected I observed Just wow

Pls fix this because if I play multiplayer after 5 or 10 seconds it said connection lost but my WiFi is open so please fix this. Awesome

Same old problem. SERVER DISCONNECTION AT THE LAST MINUTE. Pls notice this review along my other complain about future tanks. Pls give me an explanation.i Like the game Great job

Why are p.c players not subjected to a flood of ads?,one after every battle.the game is ok but there are way to many ads. Awesome

Honestly you guys make it impossible to up grade and most of it because you need the VIP pass and the game time suck too I like the game but I don't think all be playing for much Pretty good

It's a good game pretty OK graphics,but horribly slow tanks slower than snails unless you spend money straightaway for engine upgrades ,,that said patience for days is key... Muito bom!

I super duper love this game! This game has also the potential to be an esports game. But the only problem is half of my matches I disconnect and is very disappointing because I dominate a fight then I disconnect. Overall this game is great so I gave 5 stars :) Omg

Cool game. Best graphics and physics simulation I have ever seen!!!! Very much addictive. Works perfectly

Its a great future for tank games The controls are good The game play is good E Even if you don't like Im sure you'll have a blast at the game Works perfectly

You need to use Google play games so we can flash our devices without loosing our progress or so we can play across several devices I'd like to move this game from my phone to my tablet but there is no way to do it without completely restarting Highly Recommend.

Game is pretty good. Suck the makers just want money. REALLY REALLY NEEDS AN ASSIST REWARD FOR KILLS. ESPECIALLY SUCKS when you have a lower level tank and you beat down an opponent, then someone comes along and gets your kill with one shot. Worth it!

Theres too many hackers in this game. Especially from team SPARTA. Josephkore BG has youtube videos on how to hack this game. He's the one of the biggest hackers. Developer's have been sent emails with links to YouTube...nothing has been done. Also my teammates accounts have been hacked and kicked off the team multiple times. Flawless

Good game. Patterns and decals cost to much and it would be nice to get more fuel. Amazing!

the robots primarily gang up on the best players so it's Team Robot vs one hard working player 5 star

Good game Ok so I'm changing my review it's still a great game but I've found that it doesn't work well on the Samsung Galaxy S2 it just moves so slow and it freezes up I will give it five stars when this is fixed Pretty good

Good game except for when I link facebook to get a prize it deletes my progress..... Recommend

I got this game 2 years ago and it was really bad. Then i got it recently to find that it had become awesome . They had added height and easier controls, the gameplay has become so much better. My complements, awesome game Cool

Omg Graphics are good and I really enjoy playing so fun and a grate sharp shooter game Superb!

its a very nice game but has very little amounts of options for upgrading your tank an very few amount of camouflages and is very hard to complete some tasks in my honest opinion Marvelous

ITS FIXED AND GREAT! This is the best game ever and the connection is getting better too im giving this a 5 star! Must have

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