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Iron man 3 The game won't load at all!!!! It shows the loading circle and stops and goes to my home screen and asks if I want to report the problem. I've put a good amount of money into the game for my son and myself and I don't want to lose everything! Please fix it because when it works it's the BEST phone game EVER!!! Please FIX IT!!!!! Just wow

Iron man 3 by gameloft. Consiered its made by gameloft I expected it to be like Spider-man unlimited. Also every second time I try to go on it, it goes back to my home screen. Brilliant

Ranjan Nice game but as campare to size of game graphics are v.gud but iron man in this game u can not fly ur own it flies by computer and u play it as a little child..needa update in which we can fly iron man on us own.u cant destroy plane,buildings,missile,any thing except ur own enemy need to be designed more Marvelous

I like the game, but when ever I get a new map it lags and the screen turns blue and I couldn't see anything and it's saying the game is not working Great job

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Level Stopped Why does my level stopped at LVL 54? Doesnt matter how much XP I got, it keeps saying 0 on the XP after each flight...please fix it and I'll give you 5 stars... Brilliant

Many issues.. I loveplaying this game but I find many issues in this game... -> the game does not open,it shows gameloft logo and quits to home screen.. -> i do not get tournament reward even though i am ranked above 10000. I did not get the special armor "PISTON".. -> living lazor disappears . Please fix these issues as soon as possible..please ... if you overcome these issues the game would be great.. please fix this issues as soon as possible.

Minor Bugs fixed? I think you added more.. Come on fix these crashes, it is a good game but now going down, I'm fan of action games like this, it is keep crashing, i did sent lots of reports, can i have some reply for this problem?

Zaire Rock Band of course I remember when you get to see if you are looking for a long time ago and have been in business for sale in this message is not only the highest standards of the World Bank of England and Wales and the other hand Good

Fum just one issue I have this downloaded on my xtreme play tablet and when I get halfway through the first level it unfortunately stops please fix for a five star rating thanks. Worth it!

Still awesome!!! Awesome, and im saying this like 3 phones later! Great game gameloft! How about some more updates, cuz there was a whole other avengers movie worth of iron man and enemies to add. Keep up the good work. Marvelous

Epic This has to be one of the best games I have ever played but could you possibly add in a few more armors to the game, as not all of the ones in the film are there, also, could you make the better armors (Mark 42 , iron patriot etc) a bit less expensive, because I think that 385000 credits is a little too much if you usually collect 1000 - 2000 per run. Just one other issue, I really should have unlocked the piston armour by now, I keep getting within the top 10000 in the tournament but I still haven't got it Worth a go!

Like it alot but.... I was playing the game and builting an armor but after some hours I turned the app on and it showed the logo and back on homescreen plz fix it!! I really want to try the armor plz!!! Fix it ill give 5stars and add this feature-that we can not only fly but stand on ground and fight and plz an option of that we can make your own armors Fantastic

Hmmmm...... I've been playing for a week and I've yet to encounter a problem. Haven't bought a single armor yet. I'll give it another star if it hasn't bug when buying armor,which is everyone's problem. love it

What the hell?? This game is not starting after i built the S.D.C.A armour. I just see the gameloft logo and it suddenly stops. Please fix it . Ill give 5 stars if u fix this issue... Must have

Great game. But ... Whenever I go through the dunes random sections of the screen get covered in blue please fix Perfect!

Solved the problem It was awesome I played to about lvl 16 by getting 1 armor then when a better one was available I would build it and sell the old one but then I got a mission and I needed a striker missile so I built one and kept my unibeam one I left the game and when I came back it kept on kicking me out. But then I went into settings apps ironman 3 and pressed clear data then the game loads but you loose all progress unless you had lodged in with Google+ then you tap the level and you will have 2 options of what level choose your higher level. Superb!

Grt but just one prb And that too big. It worked once and then boom it crashed..ortherwise this game has grt graphics..... Pretty good

It wont open It wont start after i unlocked the Striker armor. Fix it then you'll get 5 stars Brilliant

Great game but I download it again :( because 1 time playing and i open it again its say Iron man has stopped fix it and i rate the star more Not bad

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