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Request.... There are many Muslims.... wo don't know 2 arebic word lyk parents and wo accept islam... so can u mke audio system... or arebic in English. .. It vl b vry helpful...

Good app... I am impressed...quite good resource.keep up the good work...edit...i am wishing all your team EID MUBARAK. Please keep this app updated and helped me a lot throughout Ramzan. JazaakAllah.

Searching for this kind of app Selection of arabic fonts required. ... at least 3 types of other fonts for easy reading. ... thanks Omg

Good job;still needs some quick updates Fonts size need tobe increased, & saheri and iftar times should be displayed;On homescreen. Helpful

Nice Masha ALLAH ....nice app ....great work by my native place friend YUNUS THONSE. ...keep it up .... Flawless

Good app Udyavaras New masjids location is not showing and And qibla direction should be provided to help the visitors from outside Fantastic

Masha allah The best app I ever had it tells me everything about ramdan...hat's off to u tonse Great job

JazakAllah Thanks. You have provided everything under one app. May Allah grant you all the success. 5 star

Masha'allah Excellent app, I thoroughly liked it very much. The Masjid and Adhaan details are more excellent. May Allah bless you with this effort and take you for higher level. Amazing!

Suggestion. JazakALLAH khairun brothers..only suggestion is a share tab.would be easier than going to googleplay. please note this is not a complain at all..May Allah reward you for your efforts to please HIM. Omg

Its vary helpful Dear team of e Ramadan app I am happy after downloading because inside the e Ramadan app everything is have. And I request to you please install URDU font and language. In Sha Allah I hope this app we share Facebook and other link. Shukran Perfect!

Good The App is simple, but excellent, Good effort, May Allah grant the best reward to the producers. Jazakallahu Khair. Superb!

Source of Information Masha Allah.. Great way to help out people who r always up to their phones for everything. Through this app one can find all the basic info for the month or Ramadan n also for non-Ramadan. May Allah bless n reward the people who have created this app.. Pretty good

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