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Its good to learn who had the hobby To decorating its good game Fantastic

At the end u even get ppl to go in the house u made so cool isn't it every body I think every body should give this a five star rating Perfect!

It is a good game but we will set things in there position then it is clear so not a good game but try Superb!

It is a good game but now when I am opening it it is coming blank please do something about this but it is good wow lol

I love this game it is very good condition game please download this game and see if you Don't like please Don't download this game Works great

it is SOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!! i LOVE it it is soo cute you have to down lond this!! Marvelous

Like it but there are only two levels. I think there should be more levels for more fun Highly Recommend.

Its a game with a spiritual soul of a gamer. I liked it. I loved it. Excellent efforts from LPRA STUDIO Superb!

I think there should be more high class furniture options .... bye the its nice game Perfect

I think k it is very nice to just kick back and play it because I almost fell asleep while playing it for 6 hours Worth it!

Beautiful in this game is my favorite things out and in a couple days ago by myself Not bad

It's kind of know I liked it and all but I'm a 13 year old girl and I'm looking for an awesome game but this one didn't meet the requirements. Sorry Omg

I don't think it should be a 12 I mean its a cute game but its not inappropriate Just wow

I love it so much because it was our own creation and there are many house furniture Awesome

It's awesome but I don't like that the decor is so hard to push. ☺☺☺☺☺☺ Well done!!

It's good whenever i get free time i use to play it. It also gives me ideas how to decorate my home love it



Must have

Cute game but can't zoom and there's only one scene which you may play repeatedly if you've nothing else to do :D... Not bad

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