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Oh my God. This app is beyond my expectations. I've searched for this type of a app since a long day. Then thanks to the Provider..I found this app. At first I think it only works for checking likes n followers. But then I realize it also give u chance to increase likes n followers. Instalikes. 1000likes. Fast likes. 1000 followers n many more. If someone thinks it's fake.plz just try once n you will advise others to download it. It's my words. Again thanks to the creator Superb!

This app is great for getting instagram likes. It is also good for getting followers and there is also a possibility of getting 1000 likes + real followers. If you're looking for instagram like apps, then this is the app for you. I was looking for many android apps that did the same thing but i couldn't find any until i got this one. It's also simple to use! Highly Recommend.

Gurl let me tell you a thing my ego been boosted to new levels! Got more than 200 likes on my raggity face I feel better than the twins Beyonce gone be birthing. Call me the new Instagram famous thot because with these likes I'm slaying the game. Andd I randomly got like 30 new followers so damn I'm the new Kim kardashian of Instagram hmu Surprisingly

I do like the app it does what it say, and you do get the likes extremely quickly. Its just sometimes I see the likes go away. I dont know if its my phone or a glitch in the app but other then that I like that it works. Pretty good

OMG it really works. 1000 followers and 1000 likes instant with hashtags. Just double tap the appearing pictures just like instagram sysytem and get a coin. 2 coins is equivalent to 1 like for your pictures. I loved it. And I can't just uninstall it because it really works ughhh. You should install this app right now @ohbrieee Omg

This is the perfect and amazing app I've ever used it gives you the chance of having friends and being happy... Thank you for everything... Wish i could describe my feelings so happy and joyful... You will never be able to leave it a second ❤️ Brilliant

This app is very powerful tool who wants to gain real instagram followers. You can get 1000+ followers in 9 hours work. Its works correctly. Also you can win 1000+ followers by this app. Download this instalikes metter for instagram and you will be able to gain you IG followers very easy and very fun. This in not bulshit and this is not waste of time. This is real and very useful application. Just download rate it and write good review and youll be able to win 1000+ followers or 10,000 coins... good luck guys... Works perfectly

This app is pretty good. You can get a lot of likes and I automatically got 50 likes when I downloaded it. The only problem I have is when I want followers, I get way less then what I asked for. Maybe it's just because they unfollowed me but it still makes me loose coins. However, I will continue to use it. Enjoy it!

This app is exactly what i was looking for no gimics just straight liking and to my surprise gaininging followers too. Highly recommend this app to all you insta lovers needing a boost or to get your page up an running an spread the publicity of your life in squares @thelittlefireflyco Great job

This app is just amazing, real followers, real likes, 1,000 likes, 1000 followers, hashtags, i have been searching for this app for almost two weeks and i finally found it.. U can also collect coins by liking others pictures and which u can use those coins to get more followers and likes.. I really thank the one who made this app... Its just beyond the word amazing i just had 300 followers.. Using this app i could make it above 1k followers. Those who think that its a fake app please install it once and see. If you dont get followers or likes i will delete my instagram account that is my promise.. My account @_stanton.d_ Brilliant

Great app that helps you get Instagram likes and Instagram followers. At first I thought it wasn't going to work and just rip off to get you to download. It works perfect.! It's an app that is underrated. As soon as I started using it , I can't stop using it. One of my favorite go to app. Instagram Name: Lexsiloo Superb!

It works amazing, it's great if u want to get extra likes or followers. But it takes aches for pics to load and the coin for like is expensive to. But it's also good for those to get likes, it's quick and easy and a great app. I've been searching so long for an app like this Cool

Its great and i really like it. You can get free likes by simply collecting coins and can have real followers very simply... Very happy... It works so efficiently... So happy... I originally downloaded it to check who likes my posts and my followers but surprised that it helps in getting likes and followers too!!! Last but not the least-- "I WAS ASKED TO WRITE ALL THIS AND GOOD THINGS FOR THIS APP AND TO RATE IT 5 HERE..." THIS APP ASKS YOU TO LEAVE NICE COMMENTS HERE AND TO RATE IT 5... Perfect!

Works like a champ. I thought it would be useless like all the other apps that I have tried out. I was extremely surprised by this one though. You get actual real followers and can hit up to 1,000 easily. This is a must have app. I am an online marketer and I am using this to get my brand noticed. @bosslofemarketinginc Fabulous!

Heyy omg i love your app so damn much you can get free followers and likes I didn't thought it is real I saw this app and actually I thought ok and a fake app again but so I love this app so so much. Many apps of this sorts are fake but this one isn't go and downloade !! Surprisingly

It's a really nice app. I'm sure everybody will like this! Download this and always be active. There's one thing that I do. I rename this app. Yah! It's worth it. And I'm really happy because I became famous because of this app. Oh my God I can't believe it! I love who made this App! I love you! Fabulous!

Easy to use and with this app you can get real followers and real likes in just minutes you just have to earn coins by liking the pictures of other instagramers and you can get likes with these coins.... you can get 100+ likes in just 2 or 3 minutes.... i have used some more apps for instagram likes and followers they are not that useful and hard to use and hard to get likes... inshort this is the best app for instagram real likes and followers Pretty good

Omg it actually works. You can get up to 10,000 REAL followers. It's actually amazing. You earn coins which you can then spend and use to earn followers and likes! Go and try the app now. It's completely FREE Go well

It is a great and wonderful app. For me, it is extremely easy to use. I thought I was going to be a total waste of my time but sure enough it proved me wrong! Next thing I know I am getting more than one hundred likes and follows in less than thirty minutes. It is not time consuming at all. I highly recommend this app!! Recommend

It's a very good app... Get 1000 likes... It's very true I have tried and I have got real likes... No regret downloading this app... It's goddamn true! If you want more likes& followers, your hunt ends here... What are you waiting for? Install it right now... Real likes real followers nothing fake... You are one click away @cheeru.chiswick Fabulous!

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