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The app told me to make a positive comment soo, here it is. Its a good app. But you need to do extra things like paying, to unlock the top 4 viewers Perfect!

It really works! Have you ever wonder who stalks your profle, get this app. Everyday I wonder who stalks my account well now there is a solution. Download for free, and see who stalks your account! ;) Marvelous

Freaking amazing! Just found out who views my profile i caught him on my school and he was freaked out and said how did i know Enjoy it!

Nice app Really good app if you're curious of who's looking at your account. Avoid spammers by simplify seeing they didn't view your profile. :) Perfect!

It's fine. I downloaded this for fun but I can see why people who really want an app which allows them to see who is on page would feel a little cheated by this. wow lol

Worst app from dangerous conmen Fake, it compel you to comment a positive comment in order to open features. Don't download it. Enjoy it!

Helpful It is actually good. Bummer that you have to pay to see the time that people look at it. And to pay for to see who is number 1 follower. Other than that it is a great app Great job

Just doing it to unlock the 4th user. Waste of time cos it doesn't let u see the top 5 unless u pay. It'd be could if someone had the sense that if they did this for free they'd be really successful Cool

So far so good Ive heard bad things but overall it works decently well. I dont like how much it costs to see times but for a one time fee i guess its worth it Worth a go!

Made to like it Expecting me to pay for it.. Idiots... But I'll have to make a positive comment.. Can't think of any Quality it had.. Highly Recommend.

Ehh There's no point if you can't read the top three people... You have to pay. Waste of storage Marvelous

Not sure but I love it I'm not sure if it's real but I'm pretty sure because one of my friends who liked one of my old pictures went on my insta. And it showed me them Great job

Interesting... I got this solely because my friends were saying about how people could stalk my account so I'm just like, yeah k. So I got this. At least it's better than most apps because others are so annoying... Omg

Pretty cool I like it, it does what it says but there are optional micro transactions if you want more specific information like the time the person viewed, but that's okay though, everyone needs to make money some how, so why not with a cool app :) Recommend

Works great This app is great it lets you see up to 20 people plus you can unlock others! It is not like the other apps were you can only see like 5 or buy more! Good app I would recommend it Perfect!

It great I never knew these ppl looked at my account. Only prob. Is u have to pay for top 5 Surprisingly

Who views my instagram profile This was the best app because it really tells us who stalks your instagram it's nice app to have its nice that it's free so try it out and rate it Must have

I love this app ohmygosh I didn't think this would work at first bt after I logged in, it proved me wrong! Works perfectly

Does each job Good app. Does what it says. You need to pay to view the first three profiles. This looks like a joke Not bad

This app is amazing OMG this actually works I mean I has my doubts before but I can't believe it actually works love it

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