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I rely heavily on this app for news and current updates. It's extremely convenient and easy to stay caught up with all that's going on. The breaking news is updated at once. The cricket match, pageant and other results are shown just parallel to the live announcements. It's one of the best news apps. Flawless

It was all good before , now the ui is just crazyyy and confusing pls get back the older ui. 5 starts for the info u give me. U hav been my daily driver for news update. Enjoy it!

The App is really good but "Loading Shorts" concept is highly irritating. Sometimes either it takes too much time to load the news or shows unable to connect (even internet connectivity is good). Worth a go!

Love your app but I found a bug , if playing music and using inshort then inshort mute sound if any video in your slide, please fix as soon as possible. It's very annoying Marvelous

I like the way news is presented but it took me a while to figure out the left and right swipe features. Update: I've been using inshorts for more than 3.5 years now. Good job at sticking to the original motto of short and concise news. Overtime, I've observed that about half of the news is about Cricket. Catering to the cricket loving users seems to have become so important that it is not possible to ignore news that does not feel interesting. It's just too much in the face. Great job

This app is basically a cricket news, do correct me if I'm wrong, but I get notifications only for cricket and when, where, what and how did Virat Kohli slam the record of Sachin. It's the same news every goddamn single time. Great!

Good app. But need to have have a slider to delete READ articles, else the Same article shows up again. Thanks. Great job. Go well

Hey inshorts, i like the efforts made by your team in getting new update to provide videos along with news but i don't think that is fully developed properly because the moment the video starts playing my mobile goes into mute and my music stops playing so everytime you put a video card i have to increase my volume to resume my song. Which is not at all good. So i request you to look into it Not bad

News can be made more shorter..and headlines can be more informative Plus I don't want to know what somebody said someone on Twitter... please add that filter wow lol

Its good in every manner, but the problem I am facing is that the app stops automatically at any time. Pls solve the issue. Rest is good. love it

Hi, can you put a filter in the app,so that one can view the unread stories. Else I have to go thru the read stories again. Flawless

Everything works as needed but after inclusion of YouTube videos which are on mute by default it actually mutes the music which is being played in background please resolve it as a user I need to again increase the volume fory music and it happens every time when ever I scroll over a video Well done!!

I had uninstalled for a few days. I was part of the beta program. When i left the program. I was not able to download the app again. I had to search for the app in a browser and from that link i had to download it. Please look into this issue. Removing a star for this issue. Otherwise it's a great app. Cool

This is perhaps one of the best News Apps available on the market. The fact that it makes the news short and crisp is the single-most pro feature this app has to offer, something which even the Big-house News Apps are also trying to incorporate desperately. The image accompanying the news is also apt and helps make the point clear. The share feature is also quite nice, letting us directly share the news as a screenshot on Facebook or Twitter. However, you can do a tad more bit on notifying users about Breaking News, as I have observed with my time using the app. However with all the exciting features that you have, I can only guess that you guys must be working on bringing this feature on board as well... Superb!

Here is an idea update scroll up for latest news and not stacked up so that a person needs to scroll down to read. Also hate the new update where you auto update the news when even when Internet is offline or weak. Just wow

A nice app to get updated on myriad of topics from around the world. However sometime feeds junk tweets from nobody like KRK, wonder why ? Edit1: Also give us a break from paid news of OnePlus, I know ad revenue are important but not at the cost of user annoyance Must have

My Feed section is not able to load news properly. And even rest of the sections are not displaying shorts in sequential manner as it used to be earlier. Worth it!

Don't need anything less, or anything more... I was the biggest fan but there's an issue which is not the annoying ads, cos it's a part of life now so no complaints there. But what I hate is the 5 or 6 seconds lag time it takes to start the app everytime I switch it on. Earlier my last read article was there whenever I switched on the app but now whenever I switch it on I know that I have to wait a tad too long to get the app started. Please fix this. Good

I loved it last year...but now user experience is click on a opens app with some random news...then you are forced to scroll thru all feeds and find that news by again shows news which are read already...Please fix user experience to save this app... Marvelous

Top stories doesn't work properly anymore. I used to only read the top stories section But now when i open it, it keeps on showing the news I've already read first with that small message "xx unread stories below" and the only way to get to those stories is by keeping swiping up most of already read stories with an unread one after 4-5 of those. Perfect!

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