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It's a good app and helps in getting day to day news and it's very fast and every news are given to people in just 60 words it is amazing! ! Muito bom!

My go to app for all news updates.. BUT after the latest update, it crashes everytime after reading 4-5 news updates.. 5 star

आप इसमें ओर अच्छा कर सकते है हिंदी न्यूज़ में आप सुधार कर जो न्यूज़ आप इग्लिश में देते है वो आप हिंदी में भी उपलब्ध कराए। Worth it!

App keeps crashing since I updated my MiA1 phone OS to Android Oreo, please fix this bug. Perfect!

Good about the app- 1.quick and effective summary 2. New feature that plays video in same window Bad about the app- 1. breaking news keep sticking to trending subject only like Padmaavat controversy earlier and now Nirav Modi. 2. So many molestation and rape news that I feel like there's nothing else happening in world. (Bdw I haven't set any preferences in the app!) 3. App started crashing after the latest update. Suggestion- 1. New feature- please play the video only if I want it to. Auto-play, that's certainly not needed Everytime Surprisingly

Used to be impressed with the regular news update. Recently, this app has started showing advertisement as news articles which is in addition to the promotional banner at the bottom of the screen and promos in between news articles. I have been a user for 3 years but no more. Marvelous

After the recent update app is getting crashed on mi phones ... Other wise it's great app for news and to be updated Great job

This app uses units like lakh and rupees for foreign news and billion/million or USD for Indian news. Please correct these for easier understanding. I have noticed this in almost every breaking news. Highly Recommend.

This app crashes multiple times... Whats happening... Get it sorted with your next update... Marvelous

Why this app shows the notification of news that's already been readed. Fix this bug.! Just wow

Its good in every manner, but the problem I am facing is that the app stops automatically at any time. Pls solve the issue. Rest is good . I am reducing one star, because issues has not been sort out . Worth a go!

Serious issues in app after updating.. Unread stories doesn't come up automatically as we're in previous versions.. So much annoying Highly Recommend.

Loved previous version of this news takes time to load, on contrary it would open immediately once you clicked news in notification. Its a must have you guys, keep going. Stops working when opening short from notification bar, it's irritating man (after using latest version for 5 days) Not bad

Update: lately this app has got more ads camouflaged as news than actual news. The quality of the articles are also falling. Very handy to get a quick snippet of the news. The information is catered to the local audience as well. Over time there have been a rise in ads. Not intrusive enough to have me uninstall yet. Marvelous

The best news viewing app on Android. I have already tried some other news app but all of them provide rather irrelevant news. But this one has really met up to its quality great work inshorts Flawless

Bundled Notifications PLEASEEEEE.... Superb!

Very nice app...but recently I am sensing that the articles are unfairly targeted at a certain political party only highlighting the negatives. This is not a responsible healthy trend for a news aggregator if it's being done intentionally. Cool

Me and my husband love ur app. However, the font is a bit tiny for people who are short sighted. You may want to do something in that regard. I have heard this from a lot of friends and family members who stopped using your app just because of the font and readability. love it

The new update keeps crashing on Yoga Tab 2! I don't like the fact that videos are played automatically, shouldn't I be the one to decide whether to watch a video or not? You're simply consuming data. Awesome

When I come back to the app (bring it into the foreground) it automatically scrolls to the top and I lose the article I was reading. The same thing happens when I refresh the news. This should not happen as there is already a quick way to scroll to the top (using the arrow on the top right corner). Perfect!

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