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I think if u give date in starting of short it will so helpfull instead of aaj kal parso. Thank u Must have

With latest update the feeds are not loading. Initially i thought it may be my wifi, so tried with internet, but it's not loading. Enjoy it!

Great App, but clicking on the notification takes to the previous news in sequence.. So you don't land up in the actual news on which you clicked .. That's a bit irritating at times .. Some buggy code Marvelous

Great app... Far better than most of the news apps. Wish it had offline search for our bookmarks. Plz update this feature Recommend

Superb app, everything you need to know in right there in enough words, good job Awesome

Ease of access Very useful and resourceful Provides information in a very easy way Pretty good

No issues with the content. But recently you guys introduced in-app you tube videos and if the video is muted, my phone media volume becomes zero! Took me a while to figure out why is my music volume going back to zero again and again. Please figure out a way. Go well

Inshorts u are a great app. But one complain I have is you repeat news about one person in top stories example : there were 6 articles on one person in top stories. Can you please categorise such stories and separate them and not. Show all of them in. Top stories because top. Stories should contain serious and important stuff and not repeated things just about a celebrity. Not bad

In offline mode, when i switch between apps and return to inshorts, it takes me to the 1st story of offline mode! This is really annoying! Kindly do something about it! Rest everything is just lovely..!!!! Well done!!

It's a goddamned beautiful app that lets you stay updated in news, in a schedule that doesn't afford us the time to sit and read a newspaper. Cool

The images have stopped loading in the inshort. Tried reinstalling and everything. Fix it! Perfect!

App is good and to the point news. In short is gives all the details. I like the app Fabulous!

After the update, it seems to be back to its stable self as before. So revising my star rating to 5. (Only one criticism remains, the use of the word 'Notably' in almost every other post, drives me nuts) Pretty good

It used too be great, but now whenever I open app it first show *Unable to connect* then I have to reload a few times then it shows stories. It happen on both mobile network and WiFi. Thinking to switch. Just wow

User experience feels good nowadays. Ads have been reduced, YouTube bug fixed.. Hope I won't get disappointed again. Untill then 4⭐ Ps: There should be a customization option where a user can either swipe up/down/right/left to read the next news page. Fantastic

I m using from past 1.5 yr .. each. News is so cut clear and upto the point .. and now I have made habbit of checking it after I wake up rather then seeing social networking sides ... Loved it. .keep it up in shots Enjoy it!

Ads increases in app...after last 2 update.... bottom banner ads is ok..but now its on full screen in between news shots... request to reduce it.... love it

The app keeps crashing after every now and then consistently...even after repeated updates. If it keeps doing this, will uninstall. Else it's a better news format than Flipboard. Well done!!

I love this app. It has made daily news so much simpler with headlines, is the most desirable news app for me and I would love to recommend this to the others. Thanks Inshorts.. Pretty good

Since the last updat the app crashes in after some time. When i scroll down few slides it closes automatically. This does not happen after fixed number of slides, but randomly. But m sure there is a bug since last update. I m now able to use the app for more than 10 mins. It will stops randomly. Brilliant

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