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Amazing app. I always read it's content on commute. Easy to read. Loads fast and I can share the news I like with my friends. Flawless

To make the experience more handy, can you please merge all the notifications as they pile up time and again. Apart from that, a hyperlink to the original or detailed news would be amazing. Even though you refer the website or the network who have written but a hyperlink would just ease up the time. Must have

Introduce a sepia or mid tone mode between light and dark mode. Please look into it. Also in oreo ur notifications are always in expanded form while all other apps have one liner notification and when pulled they expand. Your reply worked. Thanks. Also please customize your icons for stock oreo as it still comes within a white circle. Fabulous!

Hey good job in this app. Only one recommendation is to add an option to increase/decrease the font. Highly Recommend.

A very good app for news digest. One can always go for detail if and when needed. Better than 100 newspapers. Worth it!

This app is really good. The people who write the news are amazing because telling the whole news in just 60 words is great and less time consuming. Just one thing. Fix the video not playing bug. Not bad

Simply the best...! It would bring scent to gold if you provide facility to translate the news page instantly if wants to share with another, interested in the story in particular language. Hope you have started working on the suggestion previously expressed.It may help people understand more,can enhance vocabulary in both languages & can be shared with people find difficult to know things in foreign languages.Thanks for your so far efforts. Marvelous

This is a very cool app. I really like it. The display of news are really good to read, and the navigation from one to another news is pretty damn cool.News from all over the world including those from famous news Agencies like Reuters CNN and also from YouTube are here Flawless

It's simply awesome. I want to work for such an innovative company. I liked the newly Launched feature called do you know? It's simply amazing knowledge sharing addition to the app. Guys, would love to see More innovations coming from you in the app. Add features like daily 'news read' for school students. It will also come handy for students preparing 'today news' for the daily Assembly. Surprisingly

Hi this app is wonderful... But since 2 months I have not been getting notifications. I restarted, reinstalled, but to no avail. Please help me. On one plus 5 Awesome

According to me it's the best current affairs and news app I have ever encountered with.It covers and provides almost each and every news from all over the globe.It also has different sections for particular news articles and also provides us our preferable news sections.Every news from the globe,may be anywhere,is updated within 1 hour.A summary about the topic is provided to us,and if you are interested then you can view the whole article.I will mostly suggest this app to students especially for their entrance exams that consists of a 'Current Affairs' section.No need to read newspapers daily while you can read it on-the-go.Thanks 'Inshorts-News in 60 words' Omg

it provide news im short but in a descriptive manner..its interaction is very for day to day imp news around the world covering almost all fields.... Perfect

All I can say is it's better than other news apps, although there's a lot of scope for improvement. For instance, you could start with a thumbs down button for new that isn't very likeable or shows something stupid. Works great

Extremely displeased about the fact that videos aren't played at all. Sometimes visuals are also interesting which is not helping this app. So something should be done about this very soon. Works perfectly

it was best when it was new but now has turned worst - hardly shows new news i sometimes feel like uninstalling but just keep it for checking instant news even though i have to refresh many times to show todays latest news, otherwise it seemed great. Will give 5 stars if it works again like before when it launched. Recommend

Awesome news app I always feel afraid while watching news on tv as their way of presenting is quite terrifying, but this app is quite good in presenting the news in a positive way. Worth it!

Wonderful app for reading news !! But please do find a way to make sure that my volume doesn't go back to zero the moment a muted video comes up in the news section :) Amazing!

Simple short but informative and keep you updated with all the news feed in various category. Few minutes is all that it takes to skim through the days news and action Not bad

Perfectly designed app. Helps in directly reaching to those stories one is interested in. Fantastic

It's a great news app! Especially if you just want to read headlines and be done with it.. Brief and informative content. Marvelous

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