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I have one problem when I open news from notification that particular news won't open. Then it's difficult to find that news again. Not bad

Just best for news..finally i gef to know whats going around without spending hours reading newspapers where there are more ads than news Perfect!

Excellent keep up the good work add more variety news picks and try to mix them in sequence Muito bom!

Please provide the audio feature of news also like in current affair app it has the same feature Perfect

Earlies its one of my favourite app but now a day i could see some flaws are there that news are not in alligned properly For ex- Whenever new news coming it got mixed with old news and we need to swipe long to get a new one Kindly sort it out i hope you understand Highly Recommend.

News containing videos can not be played directly on tablet. Please add this feature 5 star

Super convenient app. I don't have to put effort to read the news Everyday anymore, it's effortless & easy to know whatever you want to know! Well done!!

Its too good. Just felt if date wise prioritization would be provided for better clarity of each day's news Good

Just need a proper update as the unread option does not cover all the unread stories....u just seem to miss some when scroll in "All" Worth it!

Great place to know about the world within minutes.......really appreciate the work Amazing!

Very useful app for people who don't like spending hours reading newspaper. Haven't faced a problem yet with this app. Loving it. Works great

Good app but u should have provided the settings for making the text bold and darker and to increase its size Pretty good

I like the idea behind this app. I am giving 3 stars right now as the video feature lowers the volume every time and does not reset it to the original volume. It is a pain in the ass to reset it everytime for me. Fix it and I will give 5 stars. Well done!!

I have a suggestion for you guys. Sometimes we don't know the meaning of a word. We need to copy the word and then Google it. What you guys can do is, when the user double taps a word, the user can get the Google'd meaning of the word directly with a pop-up box. Perfect

The app is good, but after the recent updates it is not responding after few news slide. Moreover, it gives this same error frequently - unable to connect, whereas other are able to connect. Kindly fix it. Amazing!

Loved the app. Has everything I need. But sometimes I feel that the app is biased towards some political parties. Just wow

A quick messenger of Global News.. greatly appreciated but be sure that the stuffs you provide is authentic by all means since we just rely on the stuffs you provide. Not bad

Thank you for clearing that bug. Could you also add some additional options which help us to navigate through the app. Fantastic

If you are listening to this, please make the changes. I read in shorts while listening to music on my phone. But when the videos start automatically, my music shuts down even if I don't want to see the video. And then I need to go to the drop down and start it again, which seriously corrodes the experience. Just giving the user the power to skip video news by giving a button would be cool. Thanks :) Good

This is an awesome news app I have ever used. It summarize the news content in only 60 words without missing any of the important points. It's realtime notification of news keep me updated about what's going in the world. One of the best I can say and feel... Recommend

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