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Since the latest update, the latest news updates have stopped coming as notifications. There are no news notification at all anymore. Please fix it or bring back that crucial feature. I used this app just for the top news direct notification feature. Must have

Smooth. Delightful. Functional. Addictive. A very sensible app with a smooth UX and delightful visual design. It does not overwhelm the user with a ton of options/ features. It successfully does the task of getting lazy people to stay abreast with latest news, or busy people. More importantly it can turn people into avid newsreaders. A huge win there. Love the factual update "Do You Know?" Excellent app. Superb!

The app is very nice and it is best way to read a no. Of news in short time....... Loved it Fantastic

Hi the best thing I like about this app is to toss the in short news with friends other than sharing directly. That feature is missing in the new version could you please get back that toss option back. Pleasee Highly Recommend.

Every thing is good, Specially the nameing INSHORTS worths, drawback is that when we suddenly close and open the app, stories on screen changes nd seems hard to find it back I think it shod go manually wow lol

I love this app coz this app give u the news in short time so its save time and give u more and u can read out anywhere. I think everyone should install this atleast once Great job

Nice apps to get the snapshots of latest news, if any topic interests you, one can easily dive deeper! Wonderful app! Works perfectly

From.past few weeks, push notifications suddenly have stopped. I am using OnePlus 5T and no setting is blocking it. Kindly do the needful. wow lol

All the people facing video and sound mute issue can go to settings and disable autoplay option. Although now you have to manually play a video by clicking it but the sound mute issue is resolved... Brilliant

Suddenly my app has stopped showing the pics but only the written part of the article. Plz fix this problem asap. Surprisingly

Its brilliant but there is some problem as now i could'nt able to get notifications like other news Apps, as i have to open inshorts to see latest news but there is no notificatiom of latest news Superb!

Loved the concept behind the app using if for a long time and gotta say you guys take this app a notch down with each update. Pretty good

As it's name it is in short Provides a complete news with appropriate wording This app let you choose categories which you want Overall great love it

Having issues with sound. If I'm listening to music and browsing inshorts, whenever a video gets played in a particular article of inshorts. It reduces my phone's to complete low. I manually need to increase the volume to listen to the playing music after changing the article. But otherwise a really useful app. Works perfectly

Don't show the irrelevant news like Instagram posts of celebrities. We don't have to do anything with their personal lives and the one who is interested can directly follow them on Instagram or other social sites. Highly Recommend.

I liked it until video messages started showing up. I am unable to listen to music and use this app as it turns down volume to zero everytime a video mesage pops up. Plz change this. Great!

Provide support for copy the words for translate from English to Hindi. If reader TAP on words option to be show for copy or if google translator installed than it would be blink and translate that words in other languages. You can make this as advance feature with inshort and it would be helpful for those people who want learn english. Cool

I love this app, only one thing i dislike by using this app that it will not show the good deeds done by muslims all over the world... "Musalmano ke baare me kuch acche bhi news hai usko bhi to batao" wow lol

Amazing app. Clear, crisp and to the point news. Awesome thing is dat there's no ad and pls dont do it in future as well. love it

The App has no option to switch out of Vibration Everytime a notification comes up. Please correct this Must have

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