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I simply love it Without this I can't begin and end my day ..daily dosage of news in right amount..

Great 1.Great but not the best bcoz the news should be unlimited . 2. News should be available in Hindi and other Languages also.. Recommend to get News in Shorts - The News App APK

Best n easy one Easy way to grasp news in a simple and efficient way... Liked it and want to use it further...

Updates have made it slow It used ti be tge best app but after a lit of updates it has become very very slow. The good thing about this app was it was simple and quick. But now its very slow

Best for swift news updation Great app... Good interface... I just wish we could be able to store news pages onto pocket. I didn't see an option for that.

Excellent news app! A great app for people who are too busy with there lifes and dont have enough time to read newspaper. To the point news of about everything. Great concept of 60 words.

Good time saver App..! Excellent time saver app for the person who want to read all the important news in short time.And good looking User interface.

Nice App. Working perfectly! Crashed on my stock nexus 7 3g. Will update the review when it gets fixed! Edit: it's working now.

#stay-informed Excellent! Thank you for skipping fb login option. Clean, smooth and beautiful interface. Keep up the good work. Recommended

#bbc-news Unable to run on htc explorer! Hi, I have htc explorer with android 2.3 As this app does not run in my mob. Please make available version compatible with 2.3 android version.... Hope u will....waiting for it. :-) Thanks

#indian-news Old app! Can't find the old app on the store anymore. The new one doesn't run on my micromax a72, and now I can only read it on my tab. Also, my friend has the old one installed as well. Is this an update or a different app?

Thumbs up !! A few points though. Changing categories takes a lot of time. Pictures also change much later than the news. Crashes almost half the time I try to change the category. Pros: UI is good. Neat and clean layout. Good content. Though a change of font could make it look more professional. Overall a very good experience ! Recommended.. Recommend to get News in Shorts APK.

Fantastic! Nice interface. Not much to say as I'm already the fan of ur amazing concept guys. Great work. Keep delighting busy people like me. Bingo!! :-). Recommend to download News in Shorts APK.

Simple yet innovative!! Crisp and short. Excellent for people travelling in metro. ( as I'm one of them). Recommend to install News in Shorts APK.

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