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Sidhee baat no bakwas 1. Best UI for reading news 2. Point to point content 3. No biased news 4. No ads One suggestion - it would be good if you provide a way to categorize state specific news. Go well

Gud... IITian's

Only news... Good App compiling & presented with only news. Relief from news biased with views from TOI,NDTV,Hindu,IE etc. Works great

Very good app Takes only a few minutes and you are updated with what's goin on around the world.

Quick dose of news Stumbled upon this and now it has become my go-to app for the fastest, easiest way to read news and share the snippets with friends. Swiping left or right opens the original article so you get the whole story. Good job. Kudos on concept and design. EDIT: The stories are old for the said date and most of the stories already read are reappearing as unread.

Time saving It is a must have aap, for news lover and really it is time saving and it provides to the point content. Awesome aap loving it, thanks to the aap developers, keep on make it more simple.

Good one.... Scope for improvement 60 words concept is welcome. It doesn't allow to choose multi categories of news. At a time only one category which is annoying. Auto refreshing doesn't happen. Pl introduce auto refresh with an option to fix frequency. Manual refresh is a must. Expect more stars with such improvements. Thanks. Recommend to get News in Shorts - The News App APK

Awesome! Every thing Times of India is not! No sensationalism! No shit just crisp news! :-D new version has solved glitches :-)

5/5 Read summary;Swipe; Read More Best blend of summary and full-story. Stories from around the world. Mostly political but then what's not political anymore!?

Excellent, Truly Excellent It's an excellent app for the days. It's very very useful for those who have little time to spend with newspaper, but have a keen interest and hunger for news. The news are truely in short but exhaustive in expression. Pictures are HD quality and allure to save . Much more. Thanks for all of ones with the app

Crisp news Nice app. Liked the short form of news concept. It would be good if the posting frequency is increased. Notifications not working in my xiaomi mi3.

Love the app Love the app. Increased my rating to 5. Loved the app. But, link for the detail news is needed in case someone wants to read in detail. Thanks for the reply....... This is awesome

Brilliant I've used almost every news app there is and this by far has the best interface. It doesn't have any major features like Zite or feedly but its getting there.. Recommend to get News in Shorts - The News App APK

Whats going wrong guys?? Since the last few days when i swipe right the detailed news section or site is not geting redirected automaticaly as it used to get before.. Error : Network or slow internet error. Please look into this issue asap..

Good app Very intuitive ui, good crisp summaries. One of the best way to consume news in this information clutter

Cool app Nice app to quickly get the gist of news without having to spend lot of time reading long and often boring descriptions

Like it, but.. What do you have in cards when compared with google news and weather for lollipop? One good reason, I will rate you 5 stars. :)

Nice... Crisp news...liked as it saves time. If they can add summary page that would i guess great.

Love it Perfect news reader to me who want just necessary and right amount of news rather than a prolong one. I would like to add a suggestion that the app should include the option of reading national news of different countries. This will lead appeal to larger masses who wants to know about what's is happening in their countries first than in the world. That's all guys you all have done a wonderful job and I would like to thank thinkdigit. Com from where I knew about this app.. Recommend to install News in Shorts - The News App APK

Life saver. This app was meant for me so it's easy to give it 5 stars. Absolutely great for ppl who r pressed for time and need that vital dose of information. Minimal with almost offline reading utility.. Keeps me up to date. Request: More curated news per day devs!

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