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Lovely app provides news in very efficient way.. love the UI .... great and must download app.... Great job

After latest update app crashes. Within minutes of opening it crashes and shut down and it is not fast as before. Please solve the problem of crashing Well done!!

The news isn't updating on my OnePlus 5T with Open Beta 3 (Oreo). Its displaying mostly the same news that I've read 2 days before.. Kindly look into it. Just wow

Recent update is not that good. Need news feed display as it was earlier.Now it is not allowing to define My Feed. Superb!

I have a bit of a problem with the credibility of the news... Many times I've noticed a news being published and the next day there is another stating that it didn't happen/is not the case. You guys only 'state facts' with 'no biased opinions' which is great but receiving contradictory cards are leading towards "should I believe them this time?" Kinda thoughts. The app is great in terms of concept. However I feel like there needs to be some transparency in terms of why those specific 60 words were chosen. It is usually only sufficient to state one side of the story (also ads designed as news articles ARE VERY MISLEADING, so stop that). How about portraying the story from the target audience perspective (I'm sure you have the statistics). Either that or I perhaps don't fall into your majority. If that is the case then please do let me know and I will change my rating after I put myself in your target audience shoes, and your justification makes sense to me. I'm a reasonable man and I believe that an idea doesn't have to conform to one person's standards it's based on rule of majority. Looking forward to a reply! Cheers! love it

Stop autoplaying videos.Its so much irritating when you are listings music and reading inshorts. It brings volume to 0 when video starts.. Superb!

Congrats for adding Infographics news category as like charts to easily understand & memorize. But daily update health news infographics. ....... Fantastic

To the point and simple. If you wish to learn more all you have to do is swipe left. Worth a go!

Good app. Would have liked it more if it was ad free. Else it's great. Should have news combined together by date if possible. Must have

Would've given 5 stars a month ago. But of late, I've started seeing that the app is either "Unable to Connect" or keeps "Fetching stories" without the news ever loading Pretty good

It's a decent app but it has some serious issues. For example whoever is in charge of making the summary and associated pictures for the feed is politically biased and is angled towards sensational rather than informational. I'm also having problems with the news selection happening, while it does gets most breaking news right, the updates which I receive look pretty biased. Other than that, it's a good app Cool

It automatically turns down the volume of my device to zero when there is video in news. I have to increase volume everytime I am out of the app. I haven't given any permission to app. How can it control volume. Not bad

It's been a jolly ride with InShorts. It keeps you interested with the news and doesn't take the charm away and also InShorts doesn't send you a tons of Notifications at one go. Good work! Marvelous

The bug where the notification sometimes cannot be expanded even when pulled down is still there. Works perfectly

Displaying ad everytime the app is launched, even if it is present in RAM. It is annoying Brilliant

This is really good app in this app you always update with news in very short paragraph so know you don't have to read full page to understand the news Highly Recommend.

Very good app. Excellent details available. The news are little bit late by the time it is published. Cut 1 star for that. Will give 5 if once rectified. Good

Nice and neat looking app really good in terms of news and the new update of videos playing of news is good Awesome

Very good app for brief news which is compiled in 60 words, it keeps you updated.... Muito bom!

Excellent app. Best for those who don't want to read big articles and are only concerned with the main news :) Go well

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