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I absolutely love this game, the variety of characters. The graphics are stellar too! I have a few character requests of my own...i would like two-face, blue beetle, kid flash, robin, electrocutioner: Arkham Origins, maybe beast boy, another killer croc, and another deadshot. Please consider. Works perfectly

What the fc the game itself gave me the reward of master's death gear before 22,3,2018 one now it's showing suspended account. I hav been playing this game for long time and reached level 90 .I want to play online again plz give me my game back I want to play with same characters Well done!!

Absolutely love the game and have played it for 2 years now. I did have five stars but im dropping a star every week they don't fix my account suspension due to their own glitch problems! I've tried contacting developer twice and still no response. As a paying customer I should have the right to know why my account has been suspended! I will now think twice about purchasing any more characters if this is the treatment I get Brilliant

It's good but there's a few problems. The Ai blocks every attack I do and counter attacks and the game crashes very often. Also the energy system is rigged you don't get energy often enough and you run out fast, either let us buy energy with power credits, give us infinate free refills or just remove the energy system entirely. Perfect!

I have been playing this game for the past 2years on my phone now and still haven't got tired of it, but recently my entire play mode has been locked and I cannot even unlock it... please help me Well done!!

I love this game, but frequently I have been missing accomplishment and characters. When I log in I have no idea what will be lost. It's frustrating especially when I have paid actual money on this app for characters and coins and they're just gone. I love love love this game please fix this. Well done!!

Love the game so much. A few character and Booster Pack suggestions: Characters: CW Deathstroke, Legends of Tomorrow Hawkgirl, Justice League Flash, Justice League Cyborg, Justice League Aquaman, Flashpoint Wonder Woman, Dark Knight Joker, Arkham Joker, Arkham Knight Killer Croc, White Lantern Hal Jordan, Dawn of Justice Doomsday. Booster Packs:-Rebirth Pack (Raven, Wally West, Green Arrow, Jessica Cruz) -CW Pack (Arrow Green Arrow, Metahuman Flash, Reverse Flash) -Lantern Corp Pack (Green Lantern, New 52 Green Lantern, Regime Green Lantern, Red Son Green Lantern, John Stewart Green Lantern, Rebirth Jessica Cruz, Red Lantern Hal Jordan, Yellow Lantern Hal Jordan, Sinestro, Regime Sinestro, Green Lantern Sinestro, Antimatter Sinestro) -Flashpoint Pack (Batman, Aquaman, Deathstroke) -Blackest Night Pack (Batman, Doomsday, Superman, Hawkgirl, Martian Manhunter) If these ideas interest you, please include them in the game. wow lol

It's perfect. I also am about to get 130,000 credits for a mission but I DIDN'T EVEN GET MY PRIZE. I REALLY WANT MY PRIZE! Please makers give me my prize, I beg of you. Cool

It is the best fighter game I have ever played but it has one draw back. I forgot my password and asked for a reset email. It has been 3 days and I still haven't received it. I was wondering when I will receive this email. Many thx Good

I lowered my review since 2 attempts to contact have not worked since their email is disconnected. I nevet got my season reward . I was in top 5 percent so I am kinda stopping to play now. What's the point if I don't get my reward ? Fabulous!

Hi. I love the game. It has nice graphics but I'm having a problem here. Anytime I open it. I get 'app has stopped working' once it gets to the led luthor's quote.. Please I really need help. Marvelous

This game is the best android game so far but please don't name characters as god and goddesses because it is a fictional game and the characters are programmed with fictional powers which are awesome but does not exist. Can u add injustice 2 batman Perfect

The game is addicting... When it doesn't crash. Otherwise, it's really fun if you're a fan of DC and injustice. Works great

Hugh DC fan. So very disappointed with the new update. Won't let me play the new breakout mode. Every time I place one of my cards onto the gold slot it quits the game. Hope this gets patched soon. Surprisingly

Complaint. My wbid wouldn't let me log in and I don't want to lose all it's progress. Everything else is perfect Works great

Its a very enjoyable game, but lately it's started to force close and ruin my progress in a online battle or challenge. Muito bom!

I love the game and have been playing for 3 years. I would like to suggest a few characters, such as Arkham knight nightwing, the lantern leaders, Metahuman zoom, Arrow red arrow,Kid Flash, Brightest Day characters etc.I know you are trying really hard to gradually get the whole or most of DC's characters, but these are a few I would really like to play as. Also, try making an online booster pack for people like me, who are too unfortunate to pay real money or to have a connection long enough to sustain their position in an online season. Thanks WB, and keep it up. Pretty good

Very Enjoyable This game is great for time pass and it's very fun and it also doesn't need Wi-Fi so I can basically just play it anywhere:) Awesome

Gee...great game! keeps crashing whenever I start a match. You might want to do something about it. Great game in all though Well done!!

i can only play online, i cant survivor mode, challenge or anything else and im not getting my rewards. this is the 3rd week i get nothing even on 3% Marvelous

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