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I love the app except it randomly changes to a simple watch face. I have to reset to get the the full function face back love it

It's ok except it no longer shows steps - just distance walked, and doesn't show heart rate - can only link to heart app. Fabulous!

I love the 7 indicators/complications and all the features of this face but I wish you could add a custom photo background. Great job

If you're an infogeek you'll love this watch face. You can pack so much information and launchers on it you will never feel alone! My favourite is Shazam right on the watch face - so much easier than fumbling for my phone as the music ends before I get it out of my pocket. Not bad

Pretty nice and useful face! The controls are kinda small (at least on my watch, Polar M600), but one gets used to it. Suggestions: The settings in the phone app could be split in different screens, the way it is now, one has to scroll a lot in order to find a setting. Option not to show seconds on clock + three-letter month could free up space. Superb!

This is a great watch face. It functions as advertised, but has one flaw that I've noticed. It doesn't obey the Android Wear brightness setting. I have my android wear bright setting on the watch set to auto. So in the dark the watch should not be very bright, and in bright light it should be very bright. Perhaps it is something in the application the developer can look into and fix.This would help a lot with battery life. Other than that, it is working great. Would have given a 5, except for this one flaw. Great!

Tons of info, fully customizable. Very detailed Fit data and weather info. Features like hourly chime and disconnect notice mean you don't have to install additional apps to get tons of functionality. No downsides, makes my Wear the best it can be. Great job

I can customize the icons on the watch face to quickly launch apps. But everyone my watch disconnects from my phone, I have to restart my watch in order to use the music control feature since it doesn't recognize when my watch reconnects. Perfect!

I like it except that it won't sync with Google fit. Keeps telling me to close and reopen fit. Marvelous

Gives me enough buttons around the face, so I don't have to go searching the menu for apps I use every day! Enjoy it!

With the application avalable on this apps and a simple tap on my Asus smartwatch2 I can make Hangout vocal message, phone call, activate google map directions, stop streaming on my TV Works great

There's little things here and there that I wish I had more control over, but the 1 thing that drives me crazy is the launcher font.. It's so small that it's not legible on my Asus zenwatch 2. You can't resize it, or remove it either. It makes me want to remove the launcher as a work around, which you also can't do. The digital clock in ambient mode is really small too, and if you disable the left or right quick actions and then re-enable it, it creates an icon for the launch area that isn't supposed to be seen. And the launcher icon drops below the rest of the icons, which isn't how it looks in the pictures.. I'd pay just to have all those fixed.. Just wow

Another fantastic, highly customizable, informative watch face from HuskyDev. Highly recommend this watch face Worth a go!

I like the ability to put several app shortcuts on watch face, but wished a Dev would allow for more. Flawless

Would give five but colour wheel doesn't allow for grays just white black or colours Perfect!

Very well designed to allow for easy access to essentials saving a few steps. One important feature, especially with the Huawei watch 2, is the ability to change the brightness where this system function didn't air to work well but the app overcomes this glitch. Really nice job!! Surprisingly

Love this watch face does everything it says .Also great on battery.One of my best so far. Omg

Like all of his info watch faces. I would just like the option I've seen on other watch faces to set the size of the icons and the time and date. I use his everyday watch face a little more because the time is bigger and easier to read. Other than that it's a great watch face with a lot of controls that works well Pretty good

It's the best watch face I have used. When I installed it, it connected directly to the high quality governmental weather service. BUT after a couple of days it stopped working, and now I have to use Open Weather Map, and the weather forecast seems to be much less accurate. Please fix this, connection to the governmental service is great! Perfect

There's three reasons why I like this watch face one it's easy to set to it's easy to understand and read and 3 it has location on it that's the best option Fabulous!

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