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Crushingly the best way is a good day please find my attached resume for you to be able to do the same thing happened to be a problem with this mail to the right side and I have been sent using my personal experience and education in a while ago but never the case with you to see the status is a very long as TC henchman a Works perfectly

Really tricky to use the controls to move around ! Just brilliant ! Requires experience and skill to achieve success ! Fantastic

रे मादरचोद तेरी माँ का बीर में डालूँगा और खून निकालूँगा Amazing!

It is like a true war and I Love my India and My Indian army always best for me. Jai Hind Works perfectly

As I'm using an android TV box, I wish keyboard/mouse controls could be added. Android boxes have been around for years, it's time app developers took them into consideration during app development. Btw, AWESOME GAME!!! Awesome

This game is the best game i have installed this game is amazing, superb download this game all those want real army axperinc Not bad

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