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Great app,wish I tried this first as I said for torque which couldn't find my cars ecu yet the free version of this app connects instantly and clears faults or diagnosis in seconds. Well done great app. Go well

The "best" free obd app I've tested for hypermiling to use with my scion xa. The others are far too inaccurate. This one is decently close without adjustments to be useful. Usual slew of obd features and readings. Only downside? No black on white display for at least the gauges, so when displaying mpg in a dial, can be very hard to read the current color on black dial in bright daylight. Awesome

I am not able to adjust the RPM range/limits. Otherwise great work on this app. Once the rpm is adjustable I'll purchase this app Awesome

Cool App. In near future it needs the upgrade oil change and other repair tips with trouble codes and mileage i think that would be awsome. Sorry about bad English. Highly Recommend.

I'm not high tech, had a light on the dash, plugged in my and the app let me know what was wrong and I was able to turn off light on the dash Pretty good

I've tested and it works to diag & clear the engine warning. But it cannot detect ABS warning faulty. Is it available on pro version? Go well

Connected fine to Pumpkin ELM327 WiFi on Moto G4. Cleared the 'Service Due Soon' message on Astra J. Muito bom!

This was the only app that worked with my dongle, it still couldn't see what the airbag light was caused by though. But worked great on my other car! Must have

I use this app alot.but now I can't connect to it.keeps saying insecure and just a counter by the side Fabulous!

The app works great.. The problem people have with communication is not the app.. Some of the ELM327 ver 2.1 don't have the correct protocols for some older Ford's.. For those of you with this problem need to purchase a version 2.0.. It has nothing to do with this man's app... I am not affiliated with this in any way, I am just a person who is not narrow minded. .. Great app.... Well done!!

Works grest for most cars I tried it with. But for some reason would not connect with the bluetooth obd 2 adpeter when in any gm vehicals I tried Flawless

I have tried 4 different aps and this is the only one that worked with the OBDII reader and actually connected to it and my truck! Told me it was a small evap leak. Excellent ! Another ap told me the error code was to long. I am thrilled and have found the ap to work with the reader! Fantastic

If all the OBD2 apps I've tried, this is the only really functional one. The verbose Bluetooth connection status is something every app needs. Worth it!

I just wanted it to keep an eye on coolant temp as my Honda jazz doesn't have a gauge. Works well. 5 stars if you can give me a widget (cheeky I know but it would be useful) Pretty good

It was working perfectly with Wi-Fi .However after installed the latest update it doesn't work anymore Flawless

I have been looking for a nice app to troubleshoot cars.. Fuel trim and such.. This does. Fantastic

Not a bad app. Tells you tha basic of what you need to know.. Any work on letting us reset oil & service lights?? love it

Good app and if you having connection problems make sure you have accepted the GPS location as mine didn't work till changed that. Surprisingly

Except for the strange need to have my Location GPS services enabled at the initial setup, the rest is great. I have been using the app for almost 2 years and still really like it and appreciate developers' work. Marvelous

So far, so good. Diagnostic works in Accessory mode - first key turn, before starting the engine. Voltage reading is exactly the same to a tenth digit as my DC voltmeter. It's a Ukrainian app, and English translations could be improved, such as "Japane" and "trouble codes are being fetching"! : ) Must have

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