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We are not the same without the the on line for the bus I have to be there for the first video of Minecraft Randomness episode is just a white Christmas to go back in the next couple days to get back to go out to dinner at the house at a time and it will take a while but I think I will have to get together with you are not the same thing but here it will have to wait and I will give you the address to the gym today or tomorrow and the rest is only one way I have to be there at ok? Marvelous

Very Fun! I love the graphics and the cute companions, i dont know why so many people give it 1 or 2 star ratings. Works great

If u could tell the amount of damage your hero is putting 8ut that would improve the gameplay Pretty good

Good Game Its So Cool Kinda Like minecraft tho buy is idle but hey Very Great Game i Just download it and me and friend get addicted to it Flawless

It is awsome when i saw the itro screen i knew the gafics were going to be and the whole intire game. Love it Not bad

Love it. But my phone sucks. The stylis thing doesnt work on it. And my phone only lets me play a game for probably only 2 days so i cant play many games " Great job

The only thing I can say is if you can fix when you go back to base camp is not to restart the game thats all but really good game Cool

I loved this game thought it was great for passing time but now I can't even open the app it just says it's loading forever very frustrating! Would love to give 5 stars Perfect!

It is AMAZING But they don't teach you how go places like home why? And also why do you need the golden hammer when you need to watch a video?? Go well

The game was great still feel like the crafting world should be lowered Other from that all good Recommend

I love the concept of the game and how it works I was expecting for you to have to be building blocks to protect yourself from this doctor jelly man Surprisingly

LooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooL Fantastic

The best game EVER..... Good graphics and a good time killer...... #LOVEIT #AWESOME #AMAZING #100%GOOD Perfect

It's a bit like Minecraft but... Your character and your friends plus Dr.Jelly are all round. Works perfectly

This game is amazing I was having a hard day and I came to play this game and everything just went away you should really get this game Not bad

Misleading title. Not much crafting. More like swipe alot of blocks, eventually craft 1 item and then go back to swiping alot of blocks again. Should be called Swipe Away not Craft Away Cool

Fun little game! Reminds me of clicker heroes, just with a Minecraft theme. You advance through zones while adding and upgrading companions. To get resources for crafting, you restart from stage one. My only issue and what makes it not a true idle game for me is that it requires a lot of player interaction. Every ten /twenty levels, there's a screen you need to click on to progress and the game is paused until you do. Give us a way to automatically progress through the map and you get a 5 star from me ;) Surprisingly

It's a fun game but when when the game starts getting tougher and starts requiring you to start grinding on levels it gets even more anoyying because you start to realize that your getting punished for beating the earlier levels of a new stage. What I mean the earlier levels of let's say stage 5 might give 4 thousand coins per block but by the time your in wave 4 of stage 5 they will be only giving 3.5 instead... what's up with that. It makes me want to just stay at the beginning of a stage for an hour and farm gold just In case. Must have

Really great game love everything about it, the sounds, the smooth game play, everything, if you don't have it!!! GET IT I waste a lot more time on it then I'm probably supposed to or should as a result. Lol warning should be issued with game :-D Not bad

Its fun silly and a good. Game to play when you are bored. I love this game and my favorite you touber Funeh likes it too Superb!

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