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I love this game its so awesome! I saw nickatnyte play it and i knew i had to try it Pretty good

Game is gd but after activating golden hammer screen goes black on xaomi redmi note 4 Marvelous

The grind is real in this game, was designed to make you pay would have been a great game...I'm disappointed. Highly Recommend.

It's addicting and very strategic with how fast you progress because upgrade choices. Worth it!

Best game in the whole world idc if my spelling is wrong or if my sentence is wrong Cool

Great game! Just change one thing: if powerups are used up when I'm not playing, its useless. Good

Everything in this game is awesome but when you want to build stuff you have to go back to camp and it doesn't bring you back but it restarts you from the top Marvelous

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Who came up with this beautiful time waster?......... btw It needs more quests or anything to keep us playing while we are waiting for the hammer upgrade Awesome

Fantastic idle game, has very good pacing. My only gripe isn't serious enough to lose a star over, but you almost always have enough gold to purchase an upgrade on a companion once you have so many. I'd suggest maybe repurposing the notification badge to show when you have fruits you can feed to them, rather than when any one of them is able to level up. The way it is now, the badge is just always there, so it isn't really serving to notify anything. Worth a go!

The game is pretty good and is good for passing time. But, the worst thing is, you people stole the main concept from the game 'Tap Titans', you just changed some things and gave it a different look, to make it a different game.... Tap Titans to Craft Away: Hero=Companion, Prestige=Return to base camp, both give hero/companion skills upgrade at every 10th level while upgrading, there are way too many similarities. Fabulous!

A great game with idle feature. I don't understand all these negative comments regarding this game. Guys, it is for free! You're getting it for nothing and still complain? Devs, good job with graphics, sounds and the progress management! Just reached lvl 70, can't wait to see the crafting feature. As a recommendation, I would say to include 1 free chest on a daily basis maybe? Or a reward for everyday gaming. Anyway, I love this game, keep it up guys! Marvelous

Easy to play. Works great on my Nexus 7 and my Moto Neither of which are particularly new or powerful. Cool

I really enjoy this game but i was just thinking that maybe u would be able to add in something like roles for the other animals to collect curtain reasources as they go Perfect!

this game isawsome could use a little more defense whane we are breaking the blocks ok Must have

So evil, I reached the green pet when suddenly it told me to refine resources, doing it, it suddenly restartd me to level one when I came back. WHYY SO EVILLL YOU TRAP Awesome

This game is fine by me, but I don't like the drill resources. To get the bottom reward I need to watch 7 ads and for every ads I watched is 30 sec long Just wow

I like to hook up my phone to a charger and let the game run and collect stuff and then I just beat the boss battles every now and then. Addicting but not too much. love it

I like the overall design. It's simple and runs in the background but you never mess up and miss big Event in the game Good

I love it, but it won't let me go back to Basecamp .But when I finally went to basecamp, I lost all my progress .Is it presiege? Perfect

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