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Nick at nyte suggested this game to me so I thank him I love this game so addicted Awesome

Nice game! But I think you should make more blocks in the levels 35 to 40 because it is hard to get a lot of gold to upgrade my companions Great!

OMG!!! I did not notice that if you are offline you companions give you coins. But,I'm in world 149 that means that I can't even break blocks! Fix this thing that I told you or I will not play your games anymore. One more thing to remember,I'm not a girl but a Kid Just wow

I love the way you added the characters but I think Dr jelly is enough I think you should add more villains Keep.up the food work ya all Cool

This game is one of the bed test games l have ever played in my life . This game is good for education and there no controls to move you around all you need is your fingers so guys who play this game give it 5 star ☺ Worth it!

It's a amazing game and very fun to play even when I'm board when I play this game I'm not board anymore keep up the great work! Perfect!

This game is great I'm one of these people who has their attention wander easily but with this game I sit to play for ten fifteen minutes and then I look at the time and two or three hours have passed. I really love this game and the way the development team listen to requests and make the game that extra bit exciting is great. Thank you so very much for a fantastic game xXx Go well

The game started out pretty neat and interesting, then 100 stages later i reset thinking it would be really better than before. A fraction. A fraction better at best. 5 minutes for double damage compared not watching is hardly a choice. Reason: you do it once and the double amount becomes standard. After not watching another ad, the pain for the same pace makes you need to watch another. Naturally, I play when my back hurts, but for an idle game i didn't think my arms would feel like they might fall off after swiping the entire time for dear life. Look up "idle" in a dictionary and if this still looks idle to you, read it until someone who's been sitting in the corner for an hour picks up the dictionary and throws it out the window. When they were sitting there, that was idle, when it was needes to act that was not idle. Brilliant

It is a great game but it is kind of like the copy of Minecraft..The gameplay is nice but there are some bugs. Well done!!

I love it this is most good game in the universe and I love it to bits I love the devolpers for makings this game it is really awseome and good graphics too :-) :-) :-) Fabulous!

Boi I was playin' this and bruh this was awesome. Great graphics and awesome game play though Enjoy it!

i have a weird glitch sometimes when i fight the boss the game just quits by itself and when i open its like i didnt play for about 15 minutes (i lose my upgrades etc.) so can the creators please somehow fix this and btw the game itself is awesome Surprisingly

High quality idle clicker, loving it! Only wishing for a tournament mode or something Just wow

Absolutely Fantastic! A high quality development...such a great idle game. My only wish: A multiplayer Tournament mode! wow lol

Game just awesome timekiller. But I have a strange graphics glitch. Except main road everything else is totally white. Omg

This game is amazing! The controls are very easy to handle. I play this game a lot! Muito bom!

First time playing a clicker game and I love it especially since nickatnyte showed us how love it

It's interesting. Addicting enough to give it a try. Haven't figured it all out yet but I will. Works great

You have done a great job with this game The only drawback is the swiping of blocks with fingers. Swiping the screen with a finger puts stress on it i.e. the finger tip wears off and no other finger is more comfortable than one's index finger. Yes it is an idle game. Just open the app and let it play itself. Anyhow, I loved it. Brilliant

Very hard to EVOLVE... Should have a little bit more FOOD... Even so, Love It Surprisingly

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