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Got to world 70, went back to Basecamp, started new adventure, I HAD TO START OVER?!? Fix the glitch, bug, whatever you want call it, and THEN I'll rate 5 stars! (P.S. I love Skippy The Goat) Works perfectly

It's really fun it's just that sometimes it just takes so long to break the blocks. I like it how there is boosters and companions but I also like that they make good changes so I got to give this a four-star! Well done!!

Great if it's called craft away then add items and a crafting bench if you craft items you destroy blocks quicker witch means more items and faster money and so on wow lol

It was addicting but having to swipe made my arm hurt and I got super embarrassed in public swiping hybrid hand Ike crazy Pease try to make it touch not swipe. Thank you Go well

Great game but I have a problem with the fortune pods. I have won many items in the fortune pods but have yet to find out where to collect my spoils. I have won many chests and fruits but I don't see them anywhere. Great!

Could you make it so when you lose in fortune pods you get half rewards that you earned Good

This game is amazing. This should be the best game on mobile devices this should get 5 stars Amazing!

It's good but we got to stop shipping and for upgrades weapons ads at least let us pay gold in the game Worth it!

Its a lretty interesting game i wish you didnt have to hover over a specific block when youre trying to break something though otherwise good game Fantastic

I see that you collect blocks but and it's called craft away but there's really no crafting in it you guys should add something like selling the blocks and then you can create weapons or upgrade your stuff like that not just break blocks until you're bored but until then I'm going to play some games sorry and if you take my idea please give me a billion of your games money lol AKA not joking☺ Perfect

It is OK but it can be better by if I wear playing it at the beginning I can chose boy girl and different people love it

Great game my only gripe is the cost versus value of iap after starter pack. Great deal for the 2.99 then next offer is 11.99 and only worth 3.99 at best. The items offered at the 11.99 pack are so not worth anywhere near that price. Fantastic


it's ok but u guys should give an option for an auto-swipe so we can keep upgrading it because my finger starts to hurt after a while Flawless

The best grinding game plus no ads but when ads pop up u asked them for an ad so no pop up adds Worth a go!

I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT but i hurt my finger because im on computer Pretty good

Story 1. I have the friends *BONO* and *LOTTIE* I have a orange berry I can't feed Bono but I can feed lottie with that berry. What I'm saying is I want to evolve Bono cuz I'm 9/10 berries to evolve bono. i was excited to evolve Bono but now lottie is in the way, so plz have a choice where I have 1 orange berry and I can lvl up lottie or bono. (Sorry if Story one is long Cool

I don't know if it's a bug or not, but when I go offline I stop earning out-of-game profits.the progression stops and I have to babysit my tablet and waste my battery trying to progress further in the game. I have made it really far in the game previously and earned most of the companions- all of the ones that were available before the update. Without wifi though, I have been having trouble getting anywhere near where I was, and "just go online" isn't always an option. If it is a bug, I will gladly play and wait for a fix. If it's a feature then I don't know why I'm wasting my time or my space on this game. Pretty good

High quality idle clicker, loving it! What I feel this game still needs is some form of multiplayer. A reason to buy ingame currency. Thinking of toirnsments, guilds, minigames (dungeon?). So much can be done still with this fantastic engine! Keep it up guys Flawless

Still getting the hang of it, its an easy swipe game but It might be better if the craft level wasn't so long into the game Works great

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