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The game is good but the fact that there are no settings to turn the sound off makes is annoying and i wish you could costumize your main character, like maybe to make it a girl. **1 day later after installation and review**: I'm trying to get on the game but it's not loading at all, so i cant play the game. Just wow

I got addicted after a while and then I noticed that you play as Crafty Callum! SO JUST LOVE IT Not bad

The game is good but the fact that there are no settings to turn the sound off makes is annoying and i wish you could costumize your main character, like maybe to make it a girl wow lol

This is the best game ever I've only played it for 10 minutes and I love it. I'm glad you don't have to pay for it thank you for creating this game love it

This is one of those rare idle games that are incredibly fun, almost a perfect game to relax to when you're bored or traveling! Works great

I love the game but at first it sounds a bit boring I suggest it to anyone that needs way to pass time Fabulous!

This game will make you play for hours. It is the best game in the hole world. This game will make you happy to play it. love it

This game is on my number one love list so you definitely put your effort on this game Surprisingly

I think they could add some more minigamesvand add a version were you battle against other people Awesome

I think it's quite boring but really good for killing time and it's a five stars from me Fabulous!

Love add value worth watching!! Passed up this game a few times playing build away offered this for a prize and now I love this one n want to uninstall build away but want to see what comes next in both sooo I'll keep!!! Great game glad I installed! Not bad

I think it us awesome . i love the grafics and it was a great time killer Brilliant

It's simple yet fun game.....but if you could implement co-op mode with online friends or verse mode that lets you play with friends to complete a short map faster than other or clan maps for special minions who could help with our main app for limited time.....are possibilities!!!!now we cannot show of our skills are achievement with friends practically.....thankz Great job

I Know What You Mean Because You Don't Have To Play,You Only Have To Be Careful not to Close The Tab. Cool

If you want idle as in making circles constantly with your fingers mining the same thing over level up and over then yeah it's the game for you. Good graphics layout and ad rewards but just got bored quickly Recommend

I have to say I'm disappointed that I can not collect when I'm gone. And the fact that the damage is really strange. So my guy does only 10 damage then when I got the sheep he did 303 damage then the bat did 600 then it went up to 11k when I got the chicken. It is pointless to upgrade my guy if the chicken does 11k damage and the fact that I can't collect when I'm inactive is a bit frustrating. It's called idle miner and yet you have to have the game active to get gold and resources if the chicken can do 11k and level 1 and I ONLY do 63 as a level 20 Fantastic

Please on the next update please put an upgrade for your own hammer and write a Lotto that has an awesome nickname or your name Surprisingly

Best game ever besides clash of clans but personally this game is awesome 5 Stars MUST DOWNLOAD LOVE IT Works perfectly

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Love it I like how it gives you a swipe option it makes my hand and fingers as much as tapping Must have

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