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A vary good game but I think the boy should do way more damage and... Future play Please read this. but anyway download it PS I'm a child this picture is my mom and name is Joe... Worth a go!

Good game but extremely repeatative, same thing over and over again for 100's of lvls if you like that kind of thing then the game is for you. Highly Recommend.

Love it. Simple and lots of fun rescue the animals on the way. I am on level 26 as I play for day. Cool

BEST GAME EVER Yes of course it taces long to get your fingers getting really really fast Great!

Did the most awesomest game ever next to Super Mario Odyssey in Super Mario maker on Nintendo 3DS and 2DS 110 to switch ok and everybody in the whole entire universe Perfect

It is cool but I do not like rowing because you have to move your finger like that Good

It's so good I like Breaking so many blocks and I like doing the achievements in the game this is the best game I ever had so far it may be the best Works perfectly

I'd like it better if I didn't have to reach world 70 to get back to home base all the time. Should be an option to do anytime after you reach that level. Flawless

I think it is awesome I gets addicting for a bit then you just don't really care but you still play it cause you want to and yeah. wow lol

I loved this! Until i crafted things. It put me back to the start!! Really annoyed. Uninstalled. Good

If you want to proceed to world 22 exit the game and then enter I love the game but how do you claim the rewards from the escape pod Pretty good

Great time waster It is fun and there are a lot of hidden boosters. Takes a little to long to build up enough material to craft. Brilliant

Its an amazing game i like the level editor because you can just put gold blocks down and get money easily and dev dont take that out Enjoy it!


Didn't even play the game for 1 minute and it's one of my favorites I like the big hammer I always like destroying stuff with hammers one suggestion can you add pugs if you can this will be the world's best game Perfect

This game is marvellous, its like minecraft but even better, for the people who made this game, I give you top ratings Pretty good

Very addicting. I really enjoy playing this game. The sounds are even satisfying lol. Give this game a shot! It's fun!!! Fabulous!

The game is good but the fact that there are no settings to turn the sound off makes is annoying and i wish you could costumize your Hero, like maybe to make it a girl. Superb!

Looks EXACTLY like Minecraft blocks but it doesn't play like Minecraft at all it is good game (I wasn't expecting something like Minecraft Amazing!

Very nice game but why is the add called craft away? Because I thought there was a game called craft away but there isnt Enjoy it!

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