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The gameplay is unbalanced. I was being attacked by someone with 3 and attacking them with 16 and we were going at the same speed even with my massive army. The game has a unique idea to it but even on easy mode there's no balance. Perfect!

Slow and steady wins the race. Too slow, actually. This game desperately needs a fast forward button. Fairly shallow gameplay. It took nearly 2 hours in one go to beat. The AI is very difficult to outmaneuver, especially when all the other teams are focusing too much on the player, even when it doesn't benefit them. If it had been impossible to win, I would have rated 2 stars, but since the win felt pretty good, I give it 3. It needs a fast forward button tho. Highly Recommend.

It's so awesome that you can actually win the game even when you have like 3 bases (I won a game after losing all bases except 3 in a huge world and in normal difficulty). It truly is a strategic game which takes time, not just click and play type. Awesome stuff! Muito bom!

There are no bugs, no flaws, and most importantly the game runs smooth and is very very very very fun. Did I say it was very fun? Also the game has no ad's and cost nothing. Well it didn't when I first got the game about 2 or 3 years ago, I'm not suree if new people have any ad's or not. But this is by the the first game I have ever played that you do not get hounded with ad's or have to buy anything. Very good game to kill time while pooping. Cool

It's a great game, it's a great time killer, but there's one issue that ruins it. When AI capture your bases, they have full health. But when you capture a base, it has 500-ish health, making the game even when your troops are maxed; unbalanced. Sure you can beat them eventually, but who wants to wait 5-10mins just for their bases to regen. Well done!!

When the enemy captures a node, it has higher health than yours. When you have 12 Nodes, one crafty bot can ruin your day and turn a quick game into a 30 minute vendetta. The ads crash my game, which is often saved several moves back and ruins the "strategy" I had going. I had once 5 starred this game but it's gone too far. I can't leisurely play this like I once was, there is less challenge than needless killjoy. I'm also uninstalling and sad to see the app I have used for months turn into whatever this is. This isn't ICE. Not bad

The game is fun and draws you in. Only problem I can see is that the end game takes *forever* while it trade bases with the last AI until they make a stupid mistake that allows you to take bases slightly faster than they do. One solution would be to add something that allows the player to snowball in some way or another. Possibly make it so that the number of little attacker guys you have affects how much damage you do to a base, making it so if you destroy an opponents attacker things they have to reproduce them, meaning the person with more bases will reproduce them faster and have the advantage. Fun game, feels like it needs work to be a game you can play in one sitting on your phone. Worth a go!

Like it, Overall, pretty good game. Unfortunately, all difficulties seem the same, on easy mode I die fast. On hard mode I rarely die fast but the enemy team and I always are at a stand still with no hope of winning. Extremely frustrating to not make progress in any difficulty because they all seem like the same challenge. Eventually the enemy side will gain ground and keep going back to bases I already captured, like they have no strategy. I understand it is a computer, but the blatant obvious lack of strategy and just to capture bases they lost is extremely generic and frustrating. Please add more human-like actions to the computer players. Recommend

I love the style, but that's not to say it couldn't be made a little more interesting. This game in general has a fun learning curve to overcome, and it doesn't take long to start improving. Flawless

Dream strategy game Really good, but can still be tweaked. For example, for me, using a blitzkrieg strategy and only leveling up speed wins most games. This should be balanced a bit... Fabulous!

This game is kinda for smart people on hard it make you think of which base to take out before they take out yours. This game is really fun and addicting Amazing!

New updates are slightly annoying(for the fact I've been playing this for almost 2yrs, no need for instruction on how to play). Love playing on the bigger maps! Added 4/5/17, recent updates to my tablet firmware (Samsung Tab Pro SM-T320) make this game crash on startup every time. Bummed, because this is a great simple game to pass the time. Hope there's a fix for it! Flawless

Fun strategy game. They recently fixed some bugs on the advanced mode that are helpful and appreciated. Was almost impossible to beat at the higher levels before without them. Surprisingly

Game is a good strategy game and kinda of tricky at first but after a while it seems to be repetitive. It would be cool to maybe spice things up or be able to upgrade features after so many wins Must have

Great micro-RTS game. The minimalistic graphics really save on file size too - which is important because my phone only has 2GB of app space available. Every MB counts! Perfect!

Great game. Each to learn, but tough to master The controls work well and are explained clearly. The concept is simple but introduces lie of opportunity for tactical game play Brilliant

Theres an issue with the difficulty settings. Even on easy mode some bots are impossible to beat. They make your same moves so you never progress. Just remain 1v1 for hours Superb!

*1/23/17--another update changing the game. I was able to occasionally won on hard difficulty setting. I now cannot win on normal. Other colors gang up and make it impossible. This game has miraculously gotten worse over time. *1/4/15--new update makes this game suck! Playability has radically changed and not for the better. Wish there was a way to rollback updates* Unique game as far as what I've seen among games. Definitely requires strategy, but you get the hang of it. Well done!!

I'm playing and don't want to be disturbed. Seriously, I may have a problem. This game is so addictive that I have completely neglected my family and friends. It's OK though, I still have the game. Worth it!

It was fun a couple years ago, however now it shows to be more of a challenge. After I take over a base I only receive 500 health while the other teams receive 750? Seems a little imbalanced for easy mode. Highly Recommend.

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