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The best app!!! Really satisfied with it!!! You should take my words and download it!!! Omg

I thought it was very accurate and it can help me keep track of my diet and exercise it's like a personal trainer that u can go at your own pace it's amazing Brilliant

I downloaded this app for oxy readings. It seems to be pretty accurate when compared to my other equipment. Omg

I am pretty sick and in the hospital. I finally felt a bit better and checked this app against the actual hospital equipment and it's exact!!! Marvelous

I think it's great that they have and app where you could check your blood pressure. I love it. Well done!!

I use this app day and night. I recommend this for anyone seriuos about thier health. Brilliant

Not very accurate when it comes to pressure, accurate with heart rate, other functions am not sure Pretty good

It's easy to use though I found that I had to rest my hand on a surface to hold the phone securely. I highly doubt that just using the camera and flash would be calibrated and accurate in any way so I think you should still use an actual pulse oximeter and blood pressure cuff for any medical reasons but hey, the phone is always in your pocket. 5 star

Very accurate Blood pressure. I'm in hospital and it matches the results they are measuring on the machines Not bad

I like it. It's pretty accurate to. I'm just curious though what these "health" coins are for Surprisingly

After comparing it to the real thing and keeping the difference in mind while using this app helps you to know where your stats are. An overall good app. I use it everyday. love it

I shared it with friends when I installed it. A few hours we finally put it down. Love it! Worth it!

Amazing app, just checked against our hospital equipment and surprisingly seems to be pretty accurate! Recommend

Really great app. Very handy for people who have orthostatic hypotension like myself. Omg

This is just a really great app. It makes me be able to track almost everything I need for a health tracker 5 star

Despite what some reviews say, it's NOT fake. I manually counted my pulse twice and the results were pretty accurate. When trying it in objects like a brick, wood, etc the app shows random readings different from your pulse. Not sure how accurate are the other readings like viscosity and pressure Brilliant

Checked it against pulse oximeter, manual blood pressure monitor readings within 2% of hospital equipment. Works perfectly

Works well as a phone based quick health check. Obviously not to be relied on instead of proper medical advice but good app Flawless

omg I really can't believe that this app is real it is awsom really glad I found it Pretty good

I have High Blood Pressure and I keep tabs on it ...Taking MEDs. I showed my doctor Superb!

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