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Would be nice to have a option to set when reminders start ... Like weeks,months before the event getting reminders 200 days plus is a bit pointless Great!

Stunning UI. Awesome features. Very interactive. Nice customization. Overall very well done app! I've used a few countdown apps before and this one is by far my favorite! Must have

For what I'd like to see instead of just the static days I'd like to see the timer countdown replicated in the widget too. Fantastic

How about a Skip Button for repeating events, if you have completed it already then why should you be reminded again. Just a Thought. Well best app for countdowns till date love it

It is perfect, almost. The widgets are not working properly they tend to turn off randomly and every restart I have to turn the widgets on manually. Im not sure if this is only on Nova Launcher though but please fix it. Muito bom!

The interface is beautifully simplistic, the home screen icon is appealing, and it does it's job extremely well! You can add pictures to your events as well, which is awesome! This app is perfect for anyone who gets excited for a holiday, vacation, or special event that's coming up! The widgets are also very helpful and just beautiful to look at. The best part? No ads what-so-ever! This is one of my favorite apps! Keep up the good work! Superb!

I'd love it if "notification every few days" option would account for other events. I have created three events on the same day and notifications for all of those show up at the same time. I'd prefer one notification a day, about different events. Must have

I find this apps really useful. But I suggest that you make floating notification so the remaining days will be always visible in the top. 5 star

The app is so awesome... I love it a lot... Please add options for backup, I'm even interested pay for backup options.... Please do add that feature Highly Recommend.

So love it! Could you try to develop a wallpaper like this ! The animation is so cooooool ! Please! I can pay for it! Perfect!

Loving the minimalistic look of this icon pack! One question, why isn't the calendar app themed? Enjoy it!

So how does this note linking thing work? I have notes but nothing showing about them in notifications Fantastic

great but has a couple major flaws 1) can't have widget show just certain events (has to be all future, or single past), 2) backup would be nice for switching phone. Once these are fixed I'd say it's an amazing app. Recent updates have already fixed a few things so promising. Highly Recommend.

Great app. Very productive app. Developers have really done a good job. But here it failed- #1 no one wants to add calender events manually for countdown,but this app forces users to add events for countdown manually. #2 Countdown works like magic inside the app. But who wants to jump inside an app for countdown? #3 Widgets are worse.Once added they remain static which is not pleasing to eyes plus countdown doesn't work. Here how developer can fix it #1 always remain synced with the calender events. #2 what we get inside the app after launching it put same thing as homescreen widget without any change.Give option to scroll through the events with just a swipe gesture. That's it. Works perfectly

Excellent app, but please introduce a login feature so that we can sync the dates. This app is perfect, please dont screw up this app Recommend

great but has a couple major flaws 1) can't have widget show just certain events (has to be all future, or single past). - once these are fixed I'd say it's an amazing app. Recent updates have already fixed a couple things so promising. 2) backup would be nice for switching phone Surprisingly

Love it!!! Amazing design and minimalism. The colours are breathtaking And makes you look forward to your event. A must download Just wow

I loved it a lot Does this app have backup feature I would be so glad if I had this feature in case if we change mobile or reset mobile etc.... Perfect

Love this app! Would be five stars if I could sync offline. Got my new Pixel 2XL and none of the events transferred over with the app. Sad, now I have to re add them all again! Amazing!

Would like it better if i could have the count down clock on my screen. That's why i down loaded it Great job

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