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It's very helpful letting me know about my truck n about the different codes if there's problems like it Perfect!

Easy to use good to have vehicle maintenance update safety tracking and also has speakerphone included for a very low price Go well

Thank you love hum they helps keep track of all mileage and where my work vehicles are at all times thank you hum wow lol

It randomly stops working and will randomly tell me it's analyzing my vehicles spend when my truck has been shut off for hours. The wifi will stop at random times for unknow reasons. As far as giving my info on my truck it is great and very helpful Surprisingly

Love the maintenance, location, and alerts. The discounts don't work. Some places haven't even heard of the HUM. It wasn't excepted! Pretty good

It helped me out already telling me my coolant was low coming to find out i had a leak Great job

Great app!! Saves a trip to Auto zone or wherever to get the obd read. Monitors my gas usage, mph, and reminds me of regular maintenance needs. Marvelous

This has been a Huge comfort with my new teen driver to keep me updated on EVERYTHING I NEED TO KNOW!! LOVE IT Works great

Excellent service provided at an excellent service, totally worth how cheap it is monthly to have piece of mind. Perfect

I commute over an hour each way to work. I take comfort in having a way to contact someone in an emergency. Worth it!

Nice useful app, but often has difficulty locating car and does not allow entry of fuel price so average cost per mile driven can be calculated. wow lol

Being able to keep a check on the maintainence and upkeep of my vehicle is wonderful. Also setting reminders of when and what maintainence has been or needs to be done. The discounts I get just for having it is great too. I love my HUM. Pretty good

Great device that helps with trouble shooting car problems and helps with car insurance as well. love it

I love it with the exception that it doesn't have an option if you are the passenger, nor does it reset so you can run a new diagnostic test 5 star

Hum has great features for all levels of drivers. Vehicle locator is my favorite. Must have

Just started using hum & the car locator is amazing. Discounts are another wonderful feature. Good

Love the diagnostics for my car! Get peace of mind with the emergency assistance. Brilliant

Great product & app. I have been locked out of my car twice & roadside has shown up without any problem to unlock my car free of charge. My car was also tampered with & hum notified me immediately that someone had disconnected the battery cables & messed with my fuel line. I am so pleased with the service! I just wish the app wasn't continuously running in the background of my phone. Surprisingly

Use to discretely keep an eye on my parents who have memory issues. Also peace of mind that they can use speaker provided to call for help without their cellphone. Worth it!

This app helped me find problems with my car that could have been a serious health issue because there was a leak under the hood that I couldn't smell that could have made my health issues worse then they are. Amazing!

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