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Since I downloaded the new software for my pixel 1, I don't get notifications anymore. All the settings on my phone and within the app suggest I should be getting all notifications. Is anyone else having this problem? Pretty good

This app's interface is very easy to maneuver. I enjoy having quick access to breaking news, current events in the USA & abroad. Muito bom!

Used to be my fav news app because of the good news and weird news sections, sometimes we all just need a break from the news and read a good story... Made the huff post app stand really any of my other apps I go to to for news will do and have better formats...disappointing... Superb!

The app is user friendly. The current news is always updated as close to real time as possible. Go well

HP keeps in the know. I love how I only get notifications on real breaking news. Unlike most news app that declares everything breaking news. Every morning I check this app to get caught up on what's happening in the world. Keep up the good work! ! Must have

I wish it would let me share articles. I love when I get to the bottom of the front page and it says "you're all caught up!". I feel like I've accomplished a part of being an informed citizen and it's better than news apps with never ending scrolling features that are draining. Pretty good

Easy to use, provides relevant news and I love the orange night glow feature that doesn't disrupt my night time wind down with blue light. Highly Recommend.

Always current and very easy to use. Great source for info in many aspects of our everyday lives. Not bad

I appreciate that the notifications are regular but not overwhelming, and about things I want to know. wow lol

I assume this app isn't rated higher as Fox News followers must download it just to down vote it. I feel it's a genuine 4 star news app but rated it 5 as I sure don't understand the low rating from some right users. Unlike some apps Huffington is fair and balanced. Not bad

Very informative. News alerts keep me on informed on a wide range of news topics. Highly recommended! Good

First to break a story all the time 99 percent accurate. Updated 03-16-2018.... still remains my favorite. Bob o Awesome

A superb aggregation of news. It's the first thing I open when I turn on the phone Go well

Best news app ever , the contents which covers are very diverce and have lot juice in it , love it . Works perfectly

Have enjoyed the articles Huffpost provides; this app makes it easier to stay up on the news of the day. Must have

I generally check HuffPost first for breaking news and I'm not usually disappointed. But I do wish you didn't recycle so many stories for several days in a row. Pretty good

Concise news source. I like it very much, especially compared to AOL's ad-centric news stories. Marvelous

Losing patience. Love Huffington Post but every time I try to read an article it shuts down, saying unfortunately, gallery has stopped. Go well

Between HufPo and Vanity Fair, I get all of the news that is important to me, as a trans-woman and as an educated progressive American citizen.(i do however use other sources, which verify my first sentence...) Great!

Overall I like the app but I wonder why they don't have science or Tech sections. If they had those I would have given them five stars love it

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