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Great app! Snapshots are very handy. One issue I have is that widgets become unresponsive after time. I've only tried to disable battery saver (8.1b) but still happens. Perfect!

They have great customer service and I have learned a lot so far I have enjoyed this app and there is a lot of good ways to set up groups as well enjoy the colors this is definitely a keeper I would say to anybody get it you'll love it if you get frustrated just shoot them an email Pretty good

Thank God! Philips, you should be embarrassed that some Joe shmo made an app 100 times better than yours. So glad to finally find this app! Does everything I was expecting. Not bad

BEST HUE APP The simplicity makes this app phenomenal. Flow from lights to groups to snapshots is smooth and quick. This app has taken over as the GO TO HUE APP for my family. I have over 20 lights and I still find it the easiest to use, fastest to load, and the best and simple color options. This destroys the Philips app in usability. It may not be pretty (would be nice though), but it is the easiest app to set groups, quick scenes, and turn on/off individual lights. Marvelous

Finally, a third party Hue app with good UX. I see lots of potential for this over time and can't wait to see more functionality built in. Brilliant

It now works The app was previously unable to find my Bridge however since the last update it now works thank you Perfect!

Finally a working app Find my lights for the first try, can control my groups, finally a working HUE app! 5 star

Heading in the right direction Decent alternative to the terrible official app, but needs support for white Ambience bulbs Perfect

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