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It's hard to like this app. The lack of a built-in feedback reporter means improvements will struggle to meet customer demand. I will also add that the honor band 3 will not activate sedimentary warnings if do not disturb is turned on. (For lack of a better place to report it and request the option to enable the warning whilst the band is in do not distrub mode.) And as reiterated by others already in the comments, the do not disturb feature should by default be tied to the handset's notification and ringtone setting. Having the option to isolate the do not disturb feature from the handset's settings may be useful but not to the majority. Overall; using this app and the smart band product which interacts with it, feels like a beta test. The app has potential. The developers have however, much more work to do. Cool

New update i set it up everytime open app now why please I using honor9 has been fine since Nov 2017 Well done!!

From last update the distance calibration of my Huawei band 2-2a0 is showing wrong by huge margin of 2km which is disappointing first couple of times it was having nearly 0.5 to 0.7 km deviation now it too huge hope you fix it Marvelous

Overall a great app! Have it paired with a band 2 pro, only issue I am having is that the red x to hide functions on the band does not work at all :/ Hopefully this issue could be fixed and my rating would change ;) Well done!!

great app.. but with few changes/addons would be awesome. step count decrease because honorband3 takes lot of false steps.clock screen portrait/vertical selection would be nice also. Go well

Hi, normally when I play my music, I can change my songs via the watch. Now it does not do that unless if I'm using Google music. Muito bom!

It has a huse lose that whenever we vidio call a person it vibrate in every 5 sec wich makes us uncomfortable to talk Must have

The band 2 does not silent the call when i press the bottom one time . I have to press long so the call get busy and silent . I need to silent the calls with one press Amazing!

Organise, Management, Easily Connect.. But Not Getting Connect With Smart Lock Features That Their in my phone Must have

Make some UI changes and good watch integration and provide firmware update for band a2 Worth a go!

When I connect to IOS the time shown is in 12 hour format, however when I paired with Nova 2i, the time shown is in 24 hour format. Pls add in 12 hour format and the language setting! I prefer in Mandarin yet it appears in English! Perfect

Please add the ability to switch off the band's bluetooth when disconnected from phone tosave battery life. Rest is good Fabulous!

Developer not answering my question even yet. Even I already email to them. What a waste ! Recommend

herat rate not synchronising with huawe nova 2I.can anybody from the aadmin help on this Well done!!

Having two apps is not convenient and this app will send any notification that shows up on your phone despite if they are a silent or not. Also lack of APIs for third party apps like sleep as android is helping Huawei against the competition 5 star

My wristband not connects itself when I get close to my phone.When I press connect in the app still not connecting most of the time.I should close my background apps and open the app again.Honor Band 3 btw Marvelous

You guys are not replying to any issues. What the fu..k? Huwaei honor band a2 always shows 24 hour format. Why u guys donot fix this? Mi fit application is much better than u... The app sucks. Why i have to use two software for one device? Fix these issue. Try to concern about peoples prb. Otherwise it will turn a flop company of a bunch of idiot workers.... Marvelous

Data is not syncing properly after the last firmware update to the Huawei band 3. Sleep data is not available although I enabled it. Well done!!

Im wearing on right hand Worth it!

Why you don't catch system "Do not disturb" status? Why I have to use both Wear and Health apps, one for the notifications, alarm (same, why don't collab with others, you are worse in it) and other for sleep data? Please, do something before I lose my band 2 pro, locks aren't good also :( Works great

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