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This worked fine until the 26th March update. Now it no longer displays any data for Workouts, Heartrate, Sleep despite performing a manual sync. Using the Huawei Watch 2 and a Samsung S9+. Please fix this, Huawei! Works great

The app itself is very good, but it doesn't support other devices than listed. That's a shame. I have MS Band2 which works with Fit and Strava, but not with this one. Fabulous!

Not bad, does not add swimming data into bar graph but data is there when you click it... Poss glitch when used from honor 3 band Perfect

I have kept great track of my runs for the past 4 months. I feel is fairly accurate, however when I turned off mobile data it didn't track Muito bom!

Initially syncing fail with Honor band 3 and Honor V10 but now after the update it works fine with Huawei Wear app and notification. Well done!!

I am not sure why people are not satisfied with this application. I didn't like when they change graphic but i like it and it is very accurate expecially my moving without gps. How many steps i made i shows 100% precisely. Great job

The least version needs Huawei mobile service? Why? Three apps for one watch. And it still doesn't support Huawei watch 2. I hope one day they will simplify 5 star

great improvement so far compared to previous version. but can you make it able to support huawei body fat scale model AH100 please. thanks Good

It is very good app but I gave it only 3 star Because Its heart rate section needs to improve. It only shows the maximum minimum and resting heart rate and all day graph but we not able to access the graph in anytime view the graph are not clear so we can identify that our heart rate was how much in particular time we just assume that according the graph. The the true sleep function is very good but it only records the night sleep and not record in day sleep. As they will improve i will rise my star Great!

Hi, I have no tracking of my workout (treadmill) with band 3 using. It counts my heart rate, the time and band is working, but ufte I had stopped, it said there not enough distance to memorize and just erased my workout!!! Hey, treadmill! I hope you can reply and explain if I can start do it different way. Must have

The app step count source is both from my phone and Huawei watch. Is there a way to disable tracking steps from my phone and only restrict it to gathering data from my watch only? I don't understand why didn't they provide a way to select from which sources you want to get the step count. it doesn't make sense to sum the phone and a band/watch steps. Not bad

Very good app and supports my honor band A2 very well. But still there are issues. It won't connect automatically to my honor band A2. I have to connect it manually through app. That also sometimes fails. I have to try again n again. App shows everything in 24hrs format so please add option for 12hrs time for both in app and in my honor band A2. It would be nice if I can also receive calls directly and control music player from my honor band A2. Good

Great app. Puts together basically some of the most advanced sports app and sleep monitoring together. Make sure you enable trusleep on your hauwei watch and band devices and then you see some amazing sleep info auto collected. Beats sleep as android badly. Has everything pulse oxidizer to rem deep and non deep sleep and awake. And heart rate. Detects everything. It is amazing. Go for a run or cycle ride. Gets everything including GPS tracking too. Best thing on the market Perfect!

Im using this app frm last 4 months.. It was just awesome. I loved it soo much. It was showing everything accurately. But after updating the app its not showing the pace correctly.. 8 to 10sec error. And distance calculation is also little bit not accurate. So pleace fix the bugs and release another update. Its my request. Thank you..:) love it

Not supporting Huawei band A2 anymore, why??? This is unacceptable Huawei! Fix the connection issues. EDIT: Band A2 pairing problem is fixed now. Fabulous!

So Huawei has finally decided to enable the sleep module, thank you for that. For some reason in the last 3/4 days it's not recording any sleeping data. Awesome

App has been pretty good for tracking my runs but for some reason it won't sync my sleep data from my watch 2.sometimes takes a while for running data to sync as well, up to 24 hours in some cases! Amazing!

So Huawei has finally decided to enable the sleep module, thank you for that, however still missing the integration with Google Fit. Hopefully it will not take too long to be integrated. For some reason in the last 3/4 days it's not recording any sleeping data. Brilliant

great app with honor band 3. sleep tracking and heart monitor is only things i needed and like em alot. Not bad

The music player option within Health app was very useful while walking/jigging. Now that's missing after recent update. Pl restore it. Well done!!

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