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Can we please get mashmallow update for htc m8 mini 2 please. Sad to see how old phones dont get updates which is obvious to push new products on consumers -_- Worth a go!

Still waiting for update, when is m9 plus prime camera edition getting marshmallow update, stuck on lollipop os Highly Recommend.

Replacing Blinkfeed with News Republic is a bad idea because news Republic contains ads Awesome

Waiting for HTC desire 828 android new update all mobile company updated there device with new android version we still on 5.1 Superb!

Brand has a large name...... But you never ever get an update in the whole lifetime!!! Cool

I love HTC originally I had a cheap desire it worked great then upgraded too HTC one m7 not the newest but it works beautifully and is fast I want too upgrad too their M10 now but have had trouble finding it in stores here in Canada Vancouver my m7 still works great I cracked the screen dropping it 40 feet thoought it was done for still works one single crack no case hahaha can't say that for a lot of other phones I've owned HTC just needs more marketing and hype only issue I've had is the power usb plugin from ruff tugs easy fix quality control .... Fantastic

Hopefully it stops the random crash restarts so annoying, only issue I have with HTC desire526 Omg

Patiently awaiting the marshmallow update. I still believe HTC is a great brand but please don't push your customers aside. Well done!!

Why is a change log that's easily viewable such a hard thing to ask for. I would even accept a watered down half assed shortened change log over what we get now. Cool

Drains battery. No lightning charge. Love my HTC 10. I got it a couple of months ago but after the latest update my phone no longer lightning charges and when it does slow charge the batter drains very quickly. The only time it charges relatively fast is when I plug it into my car. Perfect

Haha Oct 2016 and now HTC are compatible with Marshmallow. Only a year late :( No idea what this does but nothing broken so far... So thats a bonus Good

Annoying location service Thanks but no thanks, I don't want pop ups to suit my location, my mobile phone is not going to make decisions for me, I will throw it away first! Works great

Loved it but not fully happy. It's really awesome but one minus point is , HTC handset can't able to record any voice conversation. Through any automatic call recorder app. Even paid service also not helpful. HTC organization has to sought out this issue....!!!!!!!!!! Perfect!

Update 6.0 Marshmallow One M8 Everything runs as intended but the navigation buttons don't vibrate when I press them anymore. And the phone doesn't vibrate anymore when I press and hold something to open up a menu for it. Fantastic

Calendar - Options for reminder function Please extend reminder function for Events, Reminder & Goals. One beep is insufficient. It needs to be similar to alarm clock function or allow for options. One beep is the same as other notifications. Go well

Update Please Everything runs as intended but the double tap to wake doesn't always fully register. The auto-brightness doesn't go anywhere near bright enough in direct sunlight, nor does it change brightness quickly. Also, the phone is ultra bright in dark settings. Even with the brightness all the way down. Enjoy it!

GREAT APP ! LOVE IT ! DO NOT UPDATE "HTC SENCE HOME" ... IT WILL DEFINITELY MESS WITH THIS APP... IT MAKES YOU LINK YOUR TWITTER, INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK ((which is optional... but they DO NOT STOP bugging you about adding those social network apps)) !! AND IT ALSO DELETES THE STUFF YOU'VE ALREADY ADDED, SUCH AS ((the topics you pick for HTC sense, such as news all the way to entertainment & Fashion))... MEANING THAT YOU ARE GOING TO DO THIS ALL OVER AGAIN !!! JUST UPDATE THIS APP.. AND LEAVE "HTC SENSE HOME" ALONE. Great job

Love my M9 Never really had a problem w/ HTC, other than before my contract ends it glitches, but all my smart phones do. No problems w/ the M9. Lots of updates for "bug fixes", but I've never had any noticeable bugs. Thank you for getting rid of the beats audio. Cool

DON'T know what app to pick, to many to choose from and it makes it worse to choose from and it could be something else that is better . Forgot which one i picked. TO much to read and time consuming , I'm to slow to get started , sorry. Must have

Desire 610 front camera force closing I just did a factory reset and still no error report was sent off the other day but why isn't this app picking up on this? Please shine a light ... Great!

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