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while connection by Bluetooth to car we can play music high quality it would be helpful for u11 Just wow

I loved mirrorlink and the car app from HTC one S to HTC M9, now with U11 although it connects, A2DP bluetooth does not connect and, Car app no longer available. Too bad. If HTC can just fix A2DP audio availability that would be great. Work around for Car App can be easily done. Great job

When phone is connected to car via usb cable, mirrorlink displays phone content to car's in-dash computer screen, and accepts touch input from the car's computer screen, relaying that input to the phone. If mirrorlink certified app is used (I bought Sygic navigator), the app displays to the screen and serves as your GPS, which is considered better than the built-in Nav app from the car maker, because apps on your phone update all the time from Google Play Store, whereas maps only get updated in the car when you go in for routine maintenance. Like Android Auto, Mirrorlink uses a port of VNC remote control terminal to accomplish this. Problem is, damned few apps are mirrorlink certified due to lack of vision among software makers. Waze, for instance, FINALLY got certified for Android Auto in July 2017. Windows Phone enthusiasts begged Microsoft to adapt Mirrorlink to their system which would really make Windows phone a serious competitor again, but Microsoft's new managers dropped the effort after a year or so. Personally, I like Mirrorlink better than Android Auto, though Google is putting a lot of effort into AA. Microsoft's Here Drive has become a serious competitor to Google Maps, but M$ also refuses to certify Here Drive for either Mirrorlink or AA. YMMV 5 star

Haven't been using HTC but a few weeks, but so far I don't have any complaints and I haven't had any negative experiences. I will certainly notify the appropriate department / person if that changes in a negative way in the future. Thank you for the invitation and opportunity to give my opinion. TCS Marvelous

Very bad compared to Samsung can not even hear the sound by earphone while mirroring on TV screen ..too bad Must have

Loving it HTC does it's job with mirrorlink quite well, especially when you don't have Android auto or carplay. I have a 2016 Volkswagen Vento, and it does what it is supposed to. There is an issue with the mirrorlink not working when the car moves, but that can be fixed with a simple change if you have access to the cars electronics! In my case, a simple VCDS fix Recommend

Works most of the time I bought an after-market radio just to have MirrorLink. Most the time it works fine however there are some times that the audio will just stop playing after about a second or two. There does not seem to be anything that I can do to fix it, I just stopped using it for a while. I wish that it was more stable we work a little bit better. I also wish that the other media applications would be on the main page instead of just the built-in music app. Go well

Why not have an option to lower/compress video quality like MyMobiler? Makes things much faster. Brilliant

In need I really want to mirror link on my pioneer install but it says "incompatible usb" Muito bom!

Ford & HTC M8 functions but ... My car has Microsoft sync; it syncs but I have to press play on Handy to start it. Would be nice if the music would start automatically. Other than that, the app works great. Would give a 5 star if app starts by it self. Amazing!

Had a glimmer of hope The new update still doesn't detect my phone when I plug it in my car audio thru USB. Any clues? Pretty good

Works with m9 not m8 Force close when connecting to Honda civic 2014. M9 does not have this issue. Logcat for m8 shows runtime error.

Not bad It's not a bad function to have on the HTC M9 been using for a while, just wish it would suit h on automatically on entry to car without having a dedicated HTC phone stand.

Update fail Error code -505 and I don't have option to uninstall but thanks to have root, deleted app and reinstalled

Bit buggy Pretty good but latest release on my HTC has been a bit buggy. Drops out every half hour or so but does come back quickly.

Aussie Htc one m9 Works quite well better on music, phone contacts and nav than Android auto , just lacking the voice control.

Awesome After I downloaded this app I can play gta v from my phone. Awesome app, nice job HTC. Cool

Not needed for phone I have an HTC phone. I don't need all this. So I uninstall them or disable them and they keep coming back. And the upgrades are huge. Works perfectly

Audio skips badly Audio doesn't work right on 2014 Honda Civic. Previous version worked much better. love it

Description MirrorLink is the leading industry standard for car-phone connectivity because its service was designed for a wide range of automobiles and smartphones, including HTC’s. Just connect your HTC phone to a MirrorLink-enabled infotainment system with a cable. Using the screen and buttons on your dashboard, you’ll be able to control your phone like you would the car’s radio. That means it’s easy to keep your eyes on the road while enjoying hands-free navigation, phone calls, music and more. Highly Recommend.

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