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Better if info was correct Love the case but i travel for work and the temparture shown on case is never correct for my current city or any saved locations on my phone. Better concept than execution. Amazing!

Seems to make touch screen way off Found the new m8 dot screen case for 10 bucks new, dot screen works yet now calibrated screen touch is fubar....reset phone still is not accurate on touch. Bummer. Good

I updated to android 6 and now when i keep my cell in my pocket and if somebody calls me,the call gets rejected or answered when i pull out my cell from my pocket.Earlier the answering option was not available when the cell is inside the was better then.please fix this. Works great

It's an awesome technology But there's one thing , there should be more live themes ... there are very few of them in the app Fabulous!

No notifications music controls or anything but time after the new update please look into it Muito bom!

Great, but Case is great ,only disappointment is when your phone is in pocket of some slick pants,like fitness trousers or working pants when someone call you and you moving phone easy answers call by it self Awesome

Great case Wasn't sure whether the case would work. But as soon as I got it I loved it, protects the phone very well and looks good to. All functions work well to. Although I said all those positives, after nearly 2 years I am starting to get problems. The gestures are not working, such as double tapping the screen and it does not work. Enjoy it!

HTC Dot View I love being able to answer the phone and use a lot of the functions without having to open the case and it has worked flawlessly for me!! Awesome

can't answer WhatsApp call without open the cover. please add this feature so that we can answer WhatsApp call just like normal phone call. Recommend

Whenever I try to delete some dot view theme the HTC dot view app stops .. Thus cannot delete any dot view theme.. Plz fix this Perfect!

It's premium feel using dot view case. Just had a suggestion for you. If possible, add dialpad directly on dotview. Calculator, Flashlight may also come in handy. Fantastic

Latest version has problems This used to work brilliantly on my m8 but since the last updated marshmallow version it no longer responds to double taps or swipes. Grrrr! Works great

Great app Check out battery status without opening the case, answer calls without opening the case among other things. Needs a dot view case though. Marvelous

Love it, just needs finetuning Works great, but does not work with Viber. When Viber rings it shows the previous calls list on the dot case instead of incoming call animation. Please look into it :) Highly Recommend.

Hey Can you guys please make it possible to allow users to leave the dot view message where you type whatever you want, to appear on screen over and over ? Cause it seems like I could only see the message displayed while In the app. Also I want to be able to add a picture from my gallery to set as my background cause I was able to do that before and all of a sudden now we need to fill in the's very time consuming. Superb!

Love the app, but wish it worked in landscape Why won't the screen rotate to landscape when I turn my One A9 sideways? I would also like the brightness to be adjustable, maybe automatic, for better viewing outside and dimmer at night. Otherwise it's a pretty neat app. HTC should give away the dot cases. I think it would end up selling a lot more phones for them as people see them in person. Worth it!

Very slow in providing updates When HTC ONE E8 will get Sense 7 or a stable update to fix the bugs which came with Lollipop update. Fantastic

HTC Dot View doesn't work well anymore on Android 6. I even reset the phone like HTC suggested to me but many features are still broken. The function for playing music re-worked again for only a two days before it died again. Along with all the other problems, if it can be fixed that would be great. Disappointed that the phone has turned so problematic. :( Surprisingly

Uniqueness.... HTC has provided this unique feature which no other brands have till date in market.. Worth a go!

Stupid Get this crap off my phone...stop installing without permission. Complete BS. Update 2/20/16...still having to Uninstall this 5x/day. Make it stop auto-installing NOW!!!! Pretty good

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