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Cool but I can not update my phone to the latest Android version please help me to fix it thanks Superb!

HTC is the best phone that I ever had I brought my HTC DESIRE816 in 2014 and still using it Enjoy it!

I have Had 7 HTC Bolt Replacement Phones in 7 months?!?! Bad Displays and Asurion Sent me 2 defective out the Box Refurbished Replacement after taking my Sim Card ?? You Can't Make this up!! Brilliant

I purchased the HTC Bolt in Dec. 2016 and 7 months later it had to be replaced. This is by far the worst HTC phone I've have owned. Very disappointed and will never again by a phone only sold by one carrier. Cool

HTC it's really a awesome mobile phone brand. I experienced just once a touch display gone. Other wise nothing wrong at all. I'M using this m8 for almost three years. Flawless

HTC for me is best mobile company. I bought M8 since 2014 still nothing happen to the phone. Please we need upgrade, we have left behind. Finally word of advise, please your vibration is annoying try to reduce the vibration sound power. Thank you. HTC Works great

I bought my husband a. HTC desire over 4years ago he hasn't had an trouble with it n said the only way he'd get a new phone is if that one just stopped working I also have the HTC ONE M 9 PLUS so far its been a good phone.. Ive had so many different phones over the years so far this is really a great phone my only problem us the message screen overlay keeps coming up n stops some of my apps 5 star

I recommend HTC services it's awesome and reliable and can with stand a lot. I've dropped my HTC serial times and it hasn't let me down. Good service.. Cool

All of you people out there having problems with HTC updates and the HTC phones call the 800 number HTC has one of the best customer service department out of all the phone companies Good

Why does my battery died so fast and what ever the last update was for its eating all my data the high speed data on my phone please fix this Fantastic

htc keep up the good work,but dont hold back in making your phone the best ,just like in upgrading to nougat or oreo every one would appreciate your product more if you make such an effort like this for people who love your phone brand. ty Muito bom!

This App is really Perfect

HTC is a great company. Ever since the HTC One m7 flagship they have evolved so much. And somehow they perfected their m7 by creating m8 which was outstanding and I owned one for 2 years it's great. I now have m9 plus. But Ye HTC have stunned the world and are just awesome and have come a long way HTC YOUR MY NUMBER 1 MOBILE COMPANY. Fabulous!

Work OK on my HTC 9+ . Got my software n sense updated too . Hope it works on others HTC users too Good

My mobile data is now disconnected and I can't turn it back on. Other than that my M10 is a great work of art. wow lol

Hmm? What I think huh? OK candidly I pretty much always liked HTC and bragged about them there capabilities and service from HTC. substantially weekend nowadays seems HTC got bought out by some less than hole in the wall third world business as barely anything from this company is even close to the durability as in there past. HTC your team of market researchers and design of product team need to pay very close attention to the comments we all tookbthe time to post, a wake up call at the very least everything that put u on the map and garnerd you thee spotlight (consumers) are the ones that are going to be throwing the switch off for the final show in the not to distant future? Get to work and make it work and get back on top HTC!! IM HOPIN U PULL IT OFF!! Great job

Keeps wanting me to update account but won't let me connect to the server. What is this all about. Getting annoying Awesome

I want all my information private and I don't want it shared not certain what their privacy account allows I don't want information to be sent to Google or Google Plus can you please respond Great job

Iam not writing about the app iam writing about the service of htc,it's been a long time I have been using this htc phone,it was lollipop system when I bought it and still it is,they are not providing any updation to marshmallow,it is very bad,every other companies have almost provided updation for all their models, only htc is not giving updation to their customers,I have tried many way to tell them but no use,if any one have this problem please support Highly Recommend.

Haven't a clue. Up pops a request for permission to use my data - fine. Then I realise this app has been updated or installed. The detailed explanation is gobbledygook and I am none the wiser as to what this app does. Perfect!

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