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If the app is on iOS software ( iPhone, iPad ) it works, but Android ( Samsung, Lenovo ) it lags lags alot Go well

I application has limited scope because it doesn't print files other than on drop box or your gallery or pdf. I am specially finding no way to print word or excel files on my android device. Good

The app installed somekind of update and now does not work. When I try to go to the app I get a window asking for my agreement to the terms. The window does not scroll down so I can't see or click the submit button. Also there is no email for support on the app discription in the app store. Great job

Sweet deal. I like it. It's quick and easy. But not all files are openable, and this is a need for other ways to print.. inconvenience. Otherwise, totally great. Not bad

I use this on my Galaxy S5 unrooted w/ Android 6.0.1 on it. Prints through my HP 6600 all in one printer/fax etc. No issues. Though it is much slower printing. Not sure if it's a setting I missed, or if it's normal printing from phone via WiFi. I haven't tried a picture because I think it would take 3p minutes to print. But for printing a word document or a PDF it works great in a pinch. Fantastic

This is a very convenient app that saves me a lot of time. I connect to my printer using Wi-Fi direct. It was supper easy to connect and use. I would highly recommend this app to everyone who owns an HP printer. Worth it!

Have not had to turn on a computer since I got this app!!!! FANFKGTASTIC!!! I can sit in my deck chair by the lake and take care of business without putting down my beer!! Pretty good

HP all-in-1 questionable Will not allow smartphone to Sleep! Also, cannot Force Stop this app no matter how MANY TIMES I TRIED! That tells me a Lot about HP's necessity for multitudinous permissions! Works great

Works wayyy better than the scanning and printing from my pc with or without hp pc application. Just scan to google drive and DL to pc. 5 star

Does simple printing and scanning nicely with my two android devices on my home network. Latest version still works well except for 'Unfortunately print spooler has stopped' message whenever printing. Superb!

I love how easy the app is to use, however if I want to talk to a real person vs online it is very hard to do. Also, there is no way to fax from the app, and I spent an hour trying to figure this out by calling many different people. wow lol

I have a Brother's printer also, but in no way was it this simple to scan, save, and email right away. I don't have it hooked to my computer yet just internet and mobile phone and it's fabulous! I work for a company in another state so it's crucial to get paperwork there in a timely fashion. The best! Recommend

How about you guys try finding a solution printing from electronic devices without having to connect to a different Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi altogether because if my device can connect to my pro her I am not able to print because I still need Wi-Fi to use the app. What sense does that make??!!! I would like to be able to print using the app without having to connect to another network when the app says I still have to connect to the printer. Pretty good

When its working its great. I dont want to blame the app for the times it hasnt worked for me because it could be my internet's weak signal. Worth it!

I was impressed with the scanning freatures. The user interface is nice, although the number of button pushes could be reduced for multipage scans. My biggest complaint was that this app would not scan while the android device was hosting the local area network to connect directly with the printer using hotspot. That seems like an unnecessary limitation, since the device browser was still able to access the printer home page using the hotspot. In the end, I had to use a third device as a router. Flawless

My printer / scanner works much better with my phone than my computer. I have had so many issues with hp devices losing connection and having to reboot the printer or the computer, but not with my phone. Straight in every time, printing and scanning. I have (almost) stopped getting on hp. Pretty good

Solved all my problems using my phone to scan and print when my PC was broken. It's WONDERFUL Superb!

It is a great app,works well,except i have noticed that i can no longer print word documents and can only print pdf files from my cellphone whereas i was able to do so before the new update. Is that u removed that feature and if so why? But other than that it is an excellent app. Pretty good

All scanning features from the printer (HP 3050) to phone (J5 2017) -wirelessly- are greyed out so it's impossible to scan documents. Bummer. Must have

Envy printer is probably the best printer I ever owned. First time when the ink ran out I went and got ink on a nother printer hahaha..but yes the app is Handy lil buggy sharing between apps but may be the other apps not this one .. print speed of the envy about avrage won't win any races but the quality it 4 star and the scanning is 5 star what can you ask for for a print scan share for 49.99 good work keep it up Perfect

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