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Was unable to use HP print remote app to set up printer with phone because internet was on 5 GHz network and not 2.4. So, set up printer via YouTube tutorial which allowed me to print out instructions on how to enable wifi direct on printer ..downloaded this app and am now able to print from my phone. Love it, thank you! Marvelous

I have an 8660 pro and have never had a problem. If I'm not within range I just use the hp email address. Life is certainly easier. Connects to my phone and my iPad. Great app, keep up the good work. I print from my phone, computer or tablet all without any problems. Also have an hp 5749 and 4520. All located at different locations but all use this app. Rarely have any problem printing from my phone or iPad. Great app Surprisingly

It could be because I'm new at this, but this will only allow me to print pictures and memos from my android. It will not allow me to print from the internet. I wanted to print some recipes and it didn't bring up the print option. I tried an article; same. Those are most of the things I would want to print. So I don't know why that is occurring. Pictures print great and gives me the print option, so I don't get it. Now that I've had this a while I love it. I print from any device from anywhere in the house with great quality! Love! Great!

Works fairly well. Seems to have some minor connection issues. More often than not I get a "printer not available" on my first try, but then it clicks in. I do think that it's pretty awesome to be able to print from the phone. Omg

It's been working well for me for a long time now. It's great to be able to print out recipes and such from my smartphone. Just click print, it shows a preview,& after approval. Boom! It's done. Sends it straight to my printer. Also tells me when my ink is low and gives me the option of buying more at a lower rate sent to my home. Awesome! Muito bom!

The APP has improved and connects easily. I think it is easy to use, after a little trial and error, but over-All excellent. Don't like the fact that a newly loaded cartridge requires me to print an alignment page multiple times. Even after accomplishing an alignment. There is a problem there. wow lol

I really don't know what it is about this app. When it works, it is so easy and effortless. When it doesn't, just grr. I'd say 60% of the time it's awesome. The other 40% is usually when I need it the most and find that I have to waste time trying to get it to work. I'll give it a five star rating when whatever bug is in it gets fixed. Worth a go!

I'm a beginner at all of this as I'm used to using my desk top computer with our HP printer. But with this HP app I have it figured out! Just had to make sure my blue tooth on phone and house wifi with printer (not my phone wifi) are all on then good to go! Love it! Cool

Update: 3/24/18 added another star (not because you h/p keep bugging me) because I really do like this app! So now, please stop bugging me... Can't give any more stars! Works perfectly

It took a bit to figure out how to print from my new Samsung. I'm not a heavy user, it did what I needed. Second review: Just did 2 print jobs from emails on my smartphone. Worked perfectly. Third Review: Still working good. Files sometimes get stuck in the queue & I have to re-initialize them. Current Review: Had to replace my printer, got an Envy 4516. Response time is virtually immediate, no issues at all. Well done!!

This works great from both my android and ios smart devices. Easy to select exactly which pages to print instead of a bunch of extra stuff attached to web pages. However my windows 10 desktop is constantly dropping the connection. Have to restart wifi at printer or restart the printer. Not sure if it is a windows or plugin or router issue. Omg

Update :Better but still needs a way to print direct from print jobs vs going from one screen to another. Update: installed new version. Sometimes it Works, sometimes it doesn't. UPDATE 1/15/17: There are still latency issues. I have a HP printer and expect that it be in ready print mode at all times. It should be waiting for ME not the other way around. Perfect!

I get printer unavailable message quite too often. Other than that, considering all the other options it is a pretty good and convenient app. If this could be fixed, I would give it 5 stars as it would suit my needs perfectly without the hassle of constantly rebooting the wifi on my printer. Superb!

I love being able to print from my phone. I don't have to forward to my email and then get my laptop to print. Now, I can just send it from my phone and be good. Print speed is great as well. There are some apps that take 1-2 minutes just to send your job to the printer. In that length of time I googled the recipe, printed it and made notes on it. Great job

I just got the printer, printed off 4 chapter notes for A&P class off my phone. Had a few issues trying to figure it out, but it didn't take long to work them out. I'm looking forward to enjoying an easy semester, without a computer. Thanks so much! Surprisingly

Works for me, everytime. And so convenient to print from the cell phone ....hp c8180 printer.. I seldom use any other print app. It's great for me... the updates continue to make it even better and more viable . You're the best of 2 good ones. Hammermill has a problem with 4 by 6 paper selection, Won't select portrait/ landscape.. Thank you. Your the very BEST.... Worth it!

Paired easily with my motoZ quick work of printing actually understands like this technology is supposed to. I have an HP laptop so no problem there either. If there's an app for your laptop or PC..I don't need it because it recognized each other (devices). Go well

My 3rd review. They keep working out the kinks. I only use the printing features, so I can't speak for anything about the app in that regard. For printing, the app allows me to use my HP laser printer and it's features from my phone with a more reliable efficiency than before. Works great

Works fairly well. Could use work on making settings more user friendly. Also despite attempts to change, it continues suggesting a printer I don't own instead of the one currently running in the same room and is the only printer I've used with my phone. Not hard to change but when printing a variety of documents I would rather not have to adjust for every print. Amazing!

Can print from my tablet or phone. Works great once you figure it out. I am very happy with it. Need more information in the instructions that once you download and set up the app all you have to do when you want to print is push "print." I thought you had to go through the website again to print. Thanks for a great app! Recommend

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