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Love it, tried several different time for different project. My mother enjoyed her mother days card I made her. Using this app Enjoy it!

OMG!!! Great job

I believe in drawing and Haven a good time doing it is very therapeutic and this app allows just that so I love it Perfect

I love this game it's so cooooooool Great!

Assume for people who want to learn new tricks in drawing but don't have time to spare for drawing . It's just like an on the move drawing app u can use anywhere anytime Perfect!

I think that this is a great app if you want to know about 3d drawing ☆☆☆☆ Flawless

How to draw 3d illusions Really brilliant my daughter is hooked on it. Getting good. Practice makes perfect. I'd recommend this app Fantastic

Amazing Zane potato u need to stop no one cares if its on YouTube. Thanks for creating this, Minecraft freak mine mine Great job

Omg this worked so well!!! Why do people say this is horrible? It's so fun and the ripped paper illusion is the easiest one. BTW if there is any typos in this my finger is broken sorry. Flawless

Best Drawing App I Ever Used So Good Helps A Lot If You Don't Know How To Draw Cause I'm Really Good At Drawing Now When I Started Using It. Surprisingly

A great app I like this app it gives me ideas of what to draw and it impresses me on my work its clearly, fantastic. Amazing!

Wifi? I love this app... the only thing is... when I'm bored in the car... I don't have Wi-Fi and you need Wi-Fi for this... therefore I'm giving this a 4 stars Highly Recommend.

To all you dumb kids +Jana Khaled if you had read it said learn from the finest tutorial on you tube in the description Fantastic

Awesome A bunch of video tutorials that r awesome. Wish it didn't need the Internet though Flawless

Amazing It is very nice but very quickly I can't draw with him but it is pretty fascinating Recommend

Amazing You have made such a good ap without you I would made so many awesome drawing the only problem it that you use you're YouTube channel but you don't say it's name can you add it or something because I really want to see more of you're stuff thank you Great!

It is amazing I love this app and I really want some more videos so I can get some tips like these but the only problem is that it goes really fast Flawless

Loved it Watch a briliantmapp friends I think u gust download it it really a brilliant app Awesome

Okay the YouTuber of these videos are JONATHAN HARRIS and IDUNNGODDESS when u watch any of these two y outubers u will see more amazing art instead filling ur storage with this app I downloaded it then I deleted it becaus I know the youtubers Muito bom!

This is awsome I'm able to learn how to draw awsome things with this app and this guys channel. Thank you so much 5 star

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