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Way too many ads. There's one every 5 seconds. And that is very annoying.i hate that star wars one because it pops up again and again, that's why I don't like this game. Otherwise it's a decent game really Highly Recommend.

Too many video ads. Also the game play can be laggy, plus when my hovercraft loses both weapons im not sure how else im supposed to survive. Its a decent time killer. Fantastic

There are WAY TOO MANY ADS. You might as well download another game because you're stopped every 30 seconds for an ad to show. And that sucks, because this game is great. Must have

I love it the customization is spot on the destruction of Enemies is there the boss fights are awesome but maby ad better gravity physics so if you make a tie fighter and the poll holding the wing in place came of the wing would instantly come of instead of disintegrating also a wider multiplayer like more people and demolition derbies but still keep up the good work Enjoy it!

I think this game can be a very good game Recommend

Hir is something I know this is a lot to ask for but can u plz ad one more wepon box I mad this relly cool green and black jet and got an ion lazer and it look wonky win I put it on so tack it in consider plz not trying to be roud or dis rispetful but plz tack it in to consideration Plz Muito bom!

Honestly, a great game. I know not of any other game with the same amount of creativity as this. The game itself has a different concept than most, however, you the player, also get to show your own creativity. I also like how addicting, yet simple it is. Great game 8.5/10 Great job

Like the game play but I've earned all the different crafts still collecting colors. Like to see some new ones come out or be able to add on more weaponry to what I have now . There are Too many Advertisements popping up much TOO often even whe I just open the game to check on it !! Some are difficult to make go away , at every move Especially in places where there never were ads before blocking me and NO GIFT FROM BEING FORCED TO SUFFER THROUGH THE SAME freakin adverts ! Also Switched to a new Samsung phone last year and my Levels and achievements and especially the cars I'd earned would not transfer over ! Ive earned them all back but need a way to save to the cloud !! All of the above make this in less enjoyable game . Worth it!

It's an amazing game. The gameplay is great, I love that you can build your own hovercraft, and the action is quite amazing. The only HUGE problem I have with this game: is the ads. Every time you click a button, ad. I know you need some source of income, but the amount of ads just kinda ruins the experience for me. Maybe you could add some sort of microtransaction, and more rewards for watching ads. But apart from the whole ad thing, the game is great. I hope you see this review and are able to take my suggestions. Awesome

I think this is an amazing game but my finger got soo close to hit the 4 stars because of all the ads. Are the ads like, for your time playing the game because thats what it seems like. Please get rid of most of the pop up ads that happen constantly. Flawless

I'm quite concerned that you think so much debris from destroyed vehicles covering the road is balanced. This, along with other VFX from weapons fire, can sometimes make it impossible to see what's in front of you. And btw, for the people complaining about ads, did it ever cross your mind to maybe try disabling your internet connections?! Flawless

This is everything that I wish the first game hovercraft had: weapons and attacks!!! PvP coming?..... I'm editting in November 2017 to say it's still a great game, but the ads are getting terrible. I would pay to have them removed, but I cant even do it. Kinda sad, they're killer. I think you can turn off wifi while playing to stop them though. Pretty good

Free-to-play done right. Overall a great game. The enemy debris is very annoying, though. Must have

The game is great, pretty much 5 stars from me. But the ads is way too much (the worst i have ever found on app), every button in menus trigger ads and much worse, after ads closed it redirect me to playstore . I'm not telling to remove ads, just an "OK" ads will be great. Uninstall immediately. wow lol

This is an interesting and simple idea of a game, marred heavily by greedy advertising and in-app-purchase encouragement and design. Gameplay is simple, challenging, and fun, if also encouraging. However progression and earnings are slowed noticeably to encourage spending, just a bit too much. The micro transactions are not apparently worthwhile to me, and serve as a rabbit hole of eventual regret. Furthermore, advertising is relentless; before I finally gave up on this title, I experienced *three* unskippable 30-second ads just seconds apart - from navigating the game's menus following a single play/round. I don't recommend this game, at least while it uses such an aggressive free-to-play model. Awesome

If you have a creative bone in your body this game's for you. It's awesome building your own hovercraft from scratch, outfitting it with cool weapons and racing with it down the road at high speeds, blasting away everything in your path. I had to knock off two stars because the in game adds are extremely intrusive. I understand the need for advertising and fully support options like watching adds for a bonus, but they shouldn't be popping up in between missions and menus. Must have

AWESOME GAME! BUT, one downside: why so many ads, every time I did and redrawn aylt the menu screen, ads ads ads, almost 75% of 99th e game is ads for me in the middle of a really good race... ... ... ADS ADS ADS! Please fix if u are not a lazy lump on a log and can't get off the couch Not bad

AMAZING. Tracking Machine Guns? BOSSES? UPGRADES? WOAH! Card usage is a little confusing, tho Surprisingly

Great game but could be inproved if you let choose the cards we want and the wepons my bro has a shock grenade and i only have two machine guns a a laser could be better if you fix these things. Works perfectly

The reason why its bad is when all the dead cars u destroy hit me it kills me or screws me over so much Well done!!

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