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Omg this is ausome ausome. Best game its kind of more fun then subway surfer!!!!!!!!i love it . Perfect!

I like the game, but how do I get different courses like shown in the pictures here? Enjoy it!

Thanks for your advice 2nd year old, and a bit of the times of year again, the only 8s the same way as to Great!

Love this game!! It is soooo entertaining and soooo relaxing. I recommended this game to everyone!!!!!!!! Worth it!

Loved it This game is fun.If my cousin did't introduce me I would be board all day & night. Well done!!

I love the game guys I love the games so impressive and get it is so one name always wanted that board soap I love you love it

I love it great to pass the time and is addictive but good on my battery life thank you Great job

It is a super duper great game and I really enjoyed it. Worth a go!

Just like subway surfures but with hoverboards and that you don't go on forevery to reach a goal and you get to shoot cars that's in front of you Works great

Beautiful just beautiful I just loved it make more like this some of it like these games out here now just big flop but yours was chest enormously great Great job

i think its very booring its graphics is so bad plz do the graphics good...... THANK YOU love it

I like the part when you are heading to wards a vehicle you can tap the screen and they turn into coins Worth it!

I love getting the notification that a briefcase is unlocked. Even if I don't have Time to play, I will unlock my briefcase to get the prizes. Not bad

عالیییییییییییی Great!

Good game. But not too adventurous. My small sister also loved this app still my mobile is having enough space to download more apps .☺☺ THANK YOU wow lol

People can play this game and can imagine themselves being there and I love it its better than all of the other running games so you should download it cause its amazing and plus its free! Surprisingly

It's ok... But it seems like a copy of subway suffers and it is kind of boring so may wanna add some more goals and achievements Surprisingly

The daily bonus always says no network..i been playing it everyday since i got y isn't it working Works great

It is a great game for the free time it has good graphics and controls.. It is somehow like subway surfers only but it is quiet good Great job

It is like subway srufers the only thing that is different is that it has a hoverboard like just stop Perfect

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