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Great effort. Yeah sure there is always improvements to be made but this game really sets the bar for affordable vr games. Controls and movement work perfectly for me. I'm using Samsung Galaxy s6 and a little Bluetooth remote from amazon. I was using ps4 controller but I had problems with that. The bad reviews are clearly down to the equipment players are using and shouldn't reflect badly on the game makers. Just wow

I will generously give this app 4 stars because its one of the more indepth games i have played in vr. How ever its far from polished. Audio is a big problem. Unwanted and unneeded sounds that arnt in the right place and anoyingly loop like on the spiders. And there is no audio ambiance to build tension I Dident feel scared as much as i felt owch my ear drums when scares happen. I played this with a bluetooth keyboard and randomly the controles are Q to move and CTRL to open/use. Some clutter gets in your way when your trying to move witch is anoying seen as you have to turn your pysical self to direct. Standing or office chair needed. Text is to close to your face and hard to read also. Deffently alot of improvement needed but worth a play Awesome

Amazing I love it! Its a great vr game, its one of the best vr games out there, its great because the jumpscare on the stairs is so good, i like it because it works with the glide vr, it works perfect. Make more great games like this one! Fantastic

Perfect but.... My phones on screen back buttons etc remain on screen which is distracting. But the game itself is perfect i have an LG G3 and a little Bluetooth controller and it works perfect. Head tracking also works perfect. This is a the best vr app i have seen so far. Recommend

really enjoyed this game it was really well done, however even though i bought the full version, after i entered the girls bedroom and picked up the book, it looped back to the first cinematic and told me i need to purchase it and then it put me back to the main menu. Would really like to see this fixed so i can watch the ending. For developer i am using an s6 edge on latest android and i will keep on eye out for future games for sure love it

Fantastic! I didn't know this was an actual game and the character stood in the same position so I connected my ps4 controller and was moving around.. I had the sound from my phone connected to my headphones on my head.. It's quite a scary game and I'm not easily scared but there were stages were things popped up unexpectedly so that good me.. Bought the full version after playing the first level. Deffo worth every penny.. I guess my advice is to connect a controller, a basic one can be bought on amazon for a few quid Perfect

Fix ps4 controller please then it'll be good,can't even go where I need too,until then I'm uninstalling Omg

Awesome game worth upgrading Good introduction to VR gaming I recommend this game if you have a VR headset like Google Cardboard or VR Box but you need a remote to play and is worth upgrading to continue gameplay. Get VRBOX headset it comes with a bluetooth remote and takes phones from 4.7- 6 inch screan size. Muito bom!

Well I Crapped my pants The best so far that ive played with a remote and vr standing in the middle of a room turning my self makes it more fun ... mad me jump and fart alittle but so worth it . I paid for full game . Keep up the good work waiting for more. Pretty good

I love this game This is the best vr game I have played. The only thing I am bummed about is that after completing the demo I bought the full version. Then down the line the stopped again and told me I had to buy the game or register to play full game. Please fix, I have contacted by email but never received a reply. Perfect!

Um, this scared the crap outta me Horror is so much more immersive in vr. Wow that was freaky! If you like to be scared try this Omg

Gorgeous one of the best ... but as soon as I make an input method via my ps3 controller, there is a constant drift that will not go away. I use this same controller in other controller enabled games and do not experience this drift but here. If someone could look into this, that'd be awesome. Current setup is S5 via Carl Zeiss VR one + PS3 controller ( sixaxis controller app ) Marvelous

so much potential... bad controller support and no settings there needs to be a settings screen to change some things. If I'm not to use my moga controller for turning and use head tracking instead, then there needs to be a way to increase sensitivity; my head turns quite a bit more than it turns in-game. Also, the bad controller input has me accidentally constantly quiting back to the main menu screen taking my phone out of the cb hitting continue (without controllers since the menu doesn't accept controller input) and then finding myself at the end of last area...

Love this will definitely buy the full version. I played it on my note 4 and used the steal series free bluetooth controller. This game is badass. Have been looking for good vr programs since I got my headset. This is a definite buy.

Bad FOV I had a stretched, narrow image on my Z2. Plus, I couldn't make the Home/Back buttons dissappear, so I could see them on my RHS. Other than that, quite a polished game. Just needs a tweak. Must have

This is AMAZING This is one of my favorite cardboard VR apps that I have ever played! I cannot say that I have finished the story, but I enjoy the puzzles, the atmosphere, and the way the story is told. The graphics are wonderful, and controls are simple. I am using a Galaxy S5 phone, a cardboard with headband, and a tiny little remote that Bluetooth pairs with my phone. Overall, this game is a must for any VR enthusiast!

Struggling with controls Creepy with tons of atmosphere but the controls are odd. You need a control pad to move, I use the sixaxis but when you connect it, the drift is bad, and the viewpoint spins.

Works really good I am playing this using a Ipega gamepad and a color cross vr viewer oh and my HTC one m9, and I really hope more vr content comes out because I love it but to meny demos at the moment. What this tech needs is a good racing game or a Tomb raider style game.

Great I want to be able to look left or right while still walking forward when using bluetooth controller. When I look left or right i start to move towards the direction am looking at eventhough i hv my joystick pushed to move forward. Also very important give option to invert the camera cus when i push right it turns left and vise Vesa

Scared the heck out of me! One part in particular made me jump from being so scared lol. Loved it. Worth the download and the paid version.

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