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Jun 22, 2017

The overall app is good, however many times almost always when I try to play the saved videos it says file not found error. I am very much frustrated with that. Even though after saving my video if I can't watch it then whats the use of download feature. Don't save your video it will just waste your data, hotstar must resolve this issue soon Fantastic

Jun 22, 2017

I would have loved to rate u 5 star. But there still improvement needed in some areas. Keep up the good work going team. From few days your app is not functioning neatly. None of the video plays. Please check Muito bom!

Jun 22, 2017

It would be better if it would have English subtitles because many users who downloaded this app doesn't live in India. So when watching Hindi shows, it's kind of hard to understand what they are saying. If you do add it, no need to permanently add it. Just add it in the options menu so we can choose when to turn on subtitles and when not to. Other than that, it's all good Just wow

Jun 22, 2017

The app to look out for for entertainment.. User interface is simple and efficient.. I would use the app more frequently if it stops logging my account off automatically at times and when I try to re-login it says invalid username or password but after some time it again logs in with the same data.. This has to be sorted out by the tech team Well done!!

Jun 22, 2017

Hi , I was just strugling to see jolly llb2 movie, searched you tube ,jio cinema and all other site. But all other are of no use. Then I got this hot star app with the needed jolly llb2. Now I am happy and rating this hot star, but I am giving only 4, it deserves 5, ikept one for bit buffering and add issue. Overall it's gr8. Go for it. Muito bom!

Jun 22, 2017

App has great content but has a long way to go to be a good player. Can't stream shows in sequence at all. Have to kill the app, restart, then start next episode. Matches don't stream for more than 15 min. Cones back with streaming error. Kill, restart, all ok. Pls fix the player to make hotstar a 5 star app. Awesome


I would have given 5 stars. But gave 4 just for one reason. Dear app makers we use application to see shows so that we dont have to bear this tantrums of useless advertisement.. But recently i have noticed that my enough number of MB's are wasted on useless advertisement which you bound me to see.. 4 to 5 times even more and as a user i cant even skip it.. What kind of forcing is that? Please make it advt. Free app.. or else may be you will loose users.. Well done!!


I love watching programs in alone time over Hotstar. As like everything it does have little drawbacks but if I consider them then won't be able to enjoy programs I watch. And when I don't have access to sports I follow , I have followed it on hotstar, I am happy until and unless I am able to see how my hero players are playing like, no matter little late. Like everything I m sure Hotstar will come up with solutions for its drawback like buffering or frequent error messages or TV sharing. Kudos to Hotstar team, doing good job. Worth a go!


It is very good.when I get bored I see any movies, serials etc But one problem is there my most favourite show tarak mehta ka ooltah chashmah. I can not see. Because it only shows movies and serials that are coming on star plus. I hope that very soon you will make that app in which I can see all that serials that comes on every channels including star plus. Thank you. Please lounge soon. I am waiting. Perfect!


Wonderful. But some movies not appearing for offline. And while watching the shows online... Too much of adds in between is a nuisance. 1min 2min adds in every 5min of interval doesn't allow the continuity. That's what makes the app worst Recommend


Problem I faced were: 1 Casting doesn't happen from your phone to TV. I don't have Chromecast They say it works with it. Now with my paid subscription I am restricted to watching only on phone. 2. It requires a good speed broad band at least 4mbps to stream buffer free. 3 More collection of seasons like"house of cards" Good: 1 Clean interface 2 live cricket that too in HD 3 free content is good too Works perfectly


I think hotstar has become a part of my every day life. Its like a tiny tv in your pocket. It has a little problem with buffering but all over, I can rate it a 3 upon 5. I don't like the fact of updating it and that to forcefully. I don't like so much of cricket. And i think it should add some more TV channel like sony tv. Brilliant


First of all I would like to say that hot star is very very hot. It's true that provides live channels. But there are only limited channels .considering the name hot star the app must and should have all channels so that the users will satisfy. At last all I need are all channels. And the app must totally improve its speed that's all Pretty good


Need some more additional channels like National Geographic channel (live or recorded shows in at least four languages especially in tamil ) and the most wanted is star sports Tamil 1 live telecast! (not only during match time, wanted all shows live from star sports 1 Tamil) and also try to add "Vijay super" in your channel list. A Kind request from me to add some regional language news channels. Omg


I am using this app from a long time nd this app was awesome before but from some time i m also facing problems like buffering , clarity nd all. Even with high speed network the video and match is buffering and not getting a good clarity. Yesterday i didnt liked watching match on hotstar..... But this app is not very bad but it has some problems that should be solved as soon as possible Amazing!


I like the app for sporting events. Buffering is good. User interface of the app is simple but effective. And there is no issue with the connectivity. Watching live streaming of sporting events on Hotstar is a pleasurable experience ... Highly Recommend.


Streaming could be better. Even in a very good network streaming is slow. Comparatively, video streaming in Sony Liv app is better than Hotstar even though their content sucks. And Amazon prime is the best. Hotstar can learn a thing or two from Amazon prime video. Hotstar live videos are never live. Too much delay for a premium customer. Awesome


It's soo good. We can see all the serials any time. But the premium is a problem but it's okay . Thanks for such a good app. Now I can see all the episodes without problems and missing any episode.But many times it stops working. It is a big problem . Solve this problem and I will give 5 stars. wow lol


Its a good aap. I download it for watching epic mythology serial mahabharta... for that give this one 4 star but sometimes there is problems occurs like buffering, taking to much time to search anything even after high speed data... sometime app do not respond on my phone... just do work on this . But overall very good app.... Surprisingly


Hotstar nice app much of watchable movies it has alot of movies for viewers who like bollywood movies but the problem is in streaming quality is just max upto 720p which is less. So hotstar do some work on quality streaming and keep it up with new movies much better in guality from airtel movie app and idea movie but less in guality streaming from netplix and prime video but have better movies collection than prime videos Works perfectly

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