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Apr 28, 2017

Hi, This application is giving me issues when i am casting my phone on my TV set. Other Applications do work properly. But when i start this application, the screen blacks out on the Television Set. So please help me out in this. Thank you. Marvelous

Apr 28, 2017

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Apr 28, 2017

I have a little probs...... Every time when I open it is coming some problem we are correcting it . Every time while watching some shows it is buffering. More ads. Pls correct it or I am gonna delete the app sooner. Just wow

Apr 28, 2017

This app buffers a lot even on 60 mbps dedicated wifi connection. Please add 10 secs forward while watching any videos same as 10 secs rewind. This app is not so user friendly compared to TVF plays app which is free of cost and Amazon Prime Videos which is far more cheaper than your subscription and far more easy to access and fun to watch a movie on it rather than waiting waiting and waiting while to app keeps on buffering to play a video. Surprisingly

Apr 28, 2017

This app is good but takes a lot of time to load and videos suddenly hangs in the middle and continues loading for times. Plz repair this and rest all is good. I would give 5 stars but for this u didn't. Make sure it is repaired. Great!

Apr 28, 2017

Previously I had some issues but now I just love hotstar. Congrats to the team of hotstar for such an amazing app.I love hotstar originals I request You to continue tanhaiyan in season 2,3,4,5......and much more I am genuinely requesting you guys for more tanhaiyan episodes Fabulous!


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Too many advertisements in between. Sometimes it gets so annoying that one wants to shut the app down. And buffering speed is less, in spite of net speed being fast. Rest all is good. Well done!!


1stly plz change the background of hotstar as its starring only4teams.very unfortunate. Great!


When I download any video if do Power off my phone then the download before Ihave done is lost and if I put this app in recent app and play any video then any downloaded video don't play regularly Just wow


Why no commenting and like dislike features, Hotstar is afraid of some shows getting terrible ratings?? But please be aware that there are movies that deserve 5 star and shows like On air with AIB that deserve comments and likes. Go well


Nice app but contains a lot of ads, option should be given to skip ads and consumes a lot of data. Please fix these problems as it consumes all my data in few minutes of video. Works perfectly


Somtymz hotstar automatically stops . Lots of ads . Should have an option to open the downloaded videos in other video players or hotstar media player should have an option for seeking like double tap in youtube or swipe in mx player . Perfect!


This is a little bit good app bcz there r so many advertisements when we watch anything...a lot of interruption in watching anything....this is sometime good bcz we can watch any episode anytime.......... Works great


This app in not working on my mobile otherwise its a great app... plss work on it asap 5 star


It's working fine but required some more pictures quality for avoid suffering. I happy to use this app. I will be give 4 and half star Fantastic


There r lots of adds can u plz give just some adds not much..... but despite of it is awesome Just wow


The developers need to add a watch list of some sort, and the entire streaming service should allow us to return to the last point of action in the show, rather than manually selecting the episode. The service, otherwise, is very good, though, buffers and downtimes really can be a pain sometimes. Surprisingly


I absolutely love it! Though matches are five minutes delayed it's Okay for free subscription and full HD streaming. Hotstar originals are also fantastic! Worth it!


Very nice app and good quality of video and also easy to watch ipl but also a one issue in this app that it took lot of time to play video Amazing!

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