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Aug 23, 2017

Don't know what has happened to Hotstar. It stops after playing for 5 seconds or so. And doesn't start again. Fix it guys!! Edit : Thanks a lot for fixing it. Pretty good

Aug 23, 2017

Worse! I get PLAYBACK_OPERATION_FAILED error dozens of time during just one episode. They suggest some workaround which doesn't work. Worth it!

Aug 23, 2017

After I updated my phone to Android O am not able to play any premium content. Whenever I try to play premium content, am getting a message like 'Something went wrong. Clear your app cache and try again'. But even after doing all those clear caches, the premium content is not getting played. Muito bom!

Aug 23, 2017

Suggestion..take a leaf from other streaming services and allow premium subscribers to build a catalogue of movies they would like to watch..a playlist to watch..otherwise everytime you open the app/site you have to browse through hundreds of movies nd shows..which is too frustrating to evn comprehend.. Surprised that hotstar still is lagging in this aspect as this is a basic requirement Fabulous!

Aug 23, 2017

I am now good in Hindi after watching Serials. Old Serial he can watch at any time. Thanku Hot star. Surprisingly

Aug 23, 2017

When we start tv series it should have a memory of it. Like in netflix. Please add this. It would be very beneficial for the watchers. Thanks. wow lol


"Incredible" as Mr. Trump says. I think the App developers needs to work on a little bit more in the 360p quality video downloads. Perfect


Hi Team, This app is so good but suddenly it's take too much time to process the program and also take too much data. Now I think, I should uninstall the app. Please resolve this problem. Works great


I would like it because My wife and her parents watch Starplus every day. I don't like to watch Starplus. I m bored and haven't get time and watch Tv for I went to office all days but I missed Tv again. I have a mobile and enjoy to watched hotstar about life ok. I would like to watch the crime from life ok. I LOVE HOTSTAR. Worth a go!


There shouldn't be any breaks or if it is there then we can get option for skipping it after 10 sec. Perfect!


Overall its good and entertaining just sometime crashes on my phone I am using it for watching Dance+ 3. Appreciated ☺ Flawless


It's awesome app, there's just one problem I found that some of the parts of old series aren't please if you could do it Not bad


New update is not properly respond. Just throwing error only.please relsove it as soon as possible.hardly few seconds video os running after that error. Highly Recommend.


It is very app we can see our favorite serials and favorite sports like cricket, kabaddi,etc more Kannada movies can be added . Omg


Bessssst app ever i love this app it contains All latest movies channel TV shows I love this app who all are reading my review I will suggest them to download this app Perfect


It's good app, but it's getting irritated I have to keep on sign in again and again after watching each episode Brilliant


It's been an amazing journey with Hotstar.... Movies limited but selective. Keep it up... U rock like a HOT Star..... Great!


I like hotstar because I can see each & every show of star plus on it . Oo ,yes there is also offline option Worth a go!


This app is just amazing!!! I can watch full episodes of all my favourite shows. I'm really enjoying it!!! Thank you!!!! Pretty good


Your app is great But needs to work on your premium fee. You should include weekly packs Works great

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