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Needs to update its database. The number of shows present right now for premium members are very little. Expected to have much more shows in it's library. Hope you increase the number of hollywood tv shows and movies. Just wow

We can't take screenshots from hotstar which some times irritates me and that s why one time I deleted this app other wise it's a perfect app ..... Go well

It's better for watching videos worst part of this app will be full filled with ads only Good

The contents are good but the streaming is extremely slow on the app. The website works perfectly on the same wifi network streaming 720p contents. However, app struggles to stream even 360p content without buffering stops! I made sure none of the other background services were using internet and even then the app streaming was bad. I am now streaming everything on my laptop now. Fantastic

All free download movie not playing hotstar is an internet data cheater. I downloaded judwa 2 after an hour move not play Similarly I downloaded old move bade ghar kee beti not playing after 1 mum. I hate hotstar for movie Must have

I always rated 5 star to hotstar but a thing to say that 180p is not good to watch a cricket match all things are blurred. Please introduce a 240p option before IPL because on auto mode it runs like a 360p and consumes 1GB of data in 3hrs only. Muito bom!

Excellent app for sports fan. Especially for the people who don't get enough time in home. Also hope introducing GOT will bring down the piracy. :D 5 star

The launch of the app sometimes takes a lot of time, even after 3-4 minutes it doesn't get loaded. It's not because of bandwidth as I'm able to watch videos on YouTube at the same time. Even if there is a bandwidth/ any other issue it would be great to give some feedback back to the user rather than showing a hotstar loading view. Perfect!

The content curated here is awesome, however user interface is not fully updated. App crashes often too. It would truly become worldclass if the technical updation is done well! Good

This app worked as a charm in the previous versions, but I am not sure why and how it has degraded. While GOT was on, I went for the premium subscription and would cast it on my TV using Chromecast. Video quality was satisfactory without any lags. After 2-3 months, I again went for the premium subscription, but things have changed drastically. I experience a lot of lag while casting videos on my TV, plus I hardly notice HD quality video on my TV using Chromecast. The video looks like SD quality and playback suffers lag as well. With a 25Mbps speed, when YouTube and HooQ output amazing casting quality, I believe Hotstar needs some work here. The video quality (casting via Chromecast) on the same broadband connection appears far superior on YouTube, HooQ, AltBalaji etc. Please do something about this, or else premium customers may find alternatives here. Not to forget Netflix rocketing into the Indian market which also has casting abilities. Good

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Why long episode of "devo ke dev mahadev" show is not downloading...? Why you had "disable" download button in that show on day of 8 and 10 th july 2012... And many more???? Pls enable the download link of mahadev show. If u dont enable then i will not watching that show on your app... But yes from the other source... So pls enable download option for above mentioned show.... I m waiting for your reply... Highly Recommend.

It was okay before the last update. Now its absolutely not working. I am giving it one star bcoz of this. Buffering is on for hours. First it went on for 15 sec then again buffering. I already cleared cached files but still its the same problem. Plz plz plz fix it . I just want to njy my fav shows like b4. Fantastic

It's a good app I can watch my shows if I am unable to look it at television. After all it's a good app, but it doesn't work in my computer clearly. So that we have to watch the delay that is 5 min late. Must have

The download feature is no good. Half the downloaded videos do not even play, when offline. Hotstar needs to rectify this immediately. Worth a go!

Why long episode of "devo ke dev mahadev" show is not downloading...? Why you have disable download button in that show on day of 8 and 10 th july 2012... And many more???? Pls enable the download link of mahadev show. If u dont enable then i will not watching that show on your app... But yes from the other source... I will... Decision is yours.... I m waiting 2 days maximum Well done!!

Pretty good content selection, worth the price of premium. However the Chromecast integration has some issues and needs me to manually connect again for every episode. Could also gain by having a few features from competitors like autoplaying next episode and allowing you to queue content. Must have

It is a very interesting app. We can see all the cereals, movies, sports and many more things; i don't think it's a boring app those who things, I think they are stupid.i can see all the cerals which i missed in tv. So guys please please please download this app and have fun!! Perfect

Why have u ppl disabled download button for sarabhai vs sarabhai episodes? That was one great show i loved n i can't watch it now without draining my data every time Works great

I would have given five star; but it doesn't work at all on Linux 32 bit platform at all. It is better they shift away from dependence on flash player Brilliant

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