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I work in London all the time and this app is a life saver and a money saver all wrapped up.... Not bad

Just watch out for hidden fees and restrictions (one bed versus two doubles, for example) when booking Pretty good

Easy to work with. Had some confusion with actual hotels and who would pay... me or the app Brilliant

I would like to be able to extend stay at the same rate forr additional nights. I guess it is matter of parties contracts love it

For me this app makes browsing hotels a lot more enjoyable, and it is sometimes kind of exciting to open up the app and see what hotels you get to choose from. Their lowest price definitely isn't always the most, though. Works great

Awesome app to book your hotel last minute. Shhhh, but it even have me a better rate a day in advance. I their booking engine beat all the big boys prices by between $20 to $50. The app gives you all the info you need. Good for you HotelTonigt! Good

Best hotel app I have use easy to use, fast, great images, good information! Surprisingly

This app is perfect for my kind of planning, last minute. And this saves me a good amount t of money too. Works great

Thanks for making our trip easier to plan. A last minute trip to the Grand Canyon was stress free thanks to Hotel Tonight. Works great

Great deals and the staff is always SOO helpful if I have any questions or concerns! Perfect!

This was a fabulous app. Scored an awesome deal in a great hotel in a great location at the last minute. My new fave Flawless

I use this app often. Great prices, fast booking. Better than the rest. Use: EATTILA for $25 off first booking! Flawless

Cool app with great customer service! Super easy to navigate and really handy in a pinch (which is like the story of my life). Omg

Great perks, great deals, the customer service is on point and always available. I love this application . Cool

I just looked at it, I didn't get a chance to use it yet, although what I did see, I didn't see too many rooms available. Omg

It used to have great prices until they allowed it to go past one week booking. Now it works different and it doesnt have the same discounts. Too bad because I used to use it regularly. Perfect

I love this app, we have found some great places to stay and I find the "Why we love it reviews" to be very informative. Well done!!

Great way to get cheap rooms with the click of a thingy. Makes you look like a boss. Like me. Good

Update: Still love this app overall, but not as reliable about last year. Used to let me book a room tonight after midnight local time wherever I am. All but 1 of the rooms I've booked have been as expected without having to use multiple apps. That 1 time, the hotel had been shut down for a while. The hotel always has the info, whether I booked it in the parking lot or days ago. By using the map, I can find something close to my destination in larger cities. Used to work great, very sporadic and hard to search rural areas 5 star

I have used this app several times and love it!! I've driven across country multiple times and would book the hotel room about an hour before i knew we would be ready to stop driving. I was never disappointed with the rooms we were able to get and definitely appreciated the pricing. It's just such an easy and convenient app!! Recommend

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