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I like this app because it keeps you notified of all New events. and you're coming up vacation thank you 5 star

Easy ,but i realize better booking via web,some of same hotel via app more expensive then web booking. Works perfectly

so far it has been by far the most convenient app when it comes to purchasing gift cards and booking rooms i love so far keep it up dated and ill be a user of this haopy for many years to come. wow lol

Using my rewards tomorrow. Reserved a beautiful suite over looking the lake. $269 normally. I spend $125 out of pocket with my rewards. Thank you Hotels. Com!!! Omg

I've reinstalled since I ditched it last year due to reservations not being logged in the app. So far, it has saved every reservation. The layout is nice. My only complaint now is the map view. Those pin icons are ridiculously huge. It's silly to open a map view and it's covered in green bubbles. Otherwise, I love the app. Just wow

I just love this app it's the best one yet. Every 10 nights booked and completed rewards me one free night in return and I have a year to use it. Accumulated nights equal free housing while vacationing. Can't go wrong there. Go well

I use this app for every hotel booking. There is a great variety of choices and I collect free nights. I have never had a problem using the app. I have even used it booking internationally with no problem. Well done!!

I use this app every time I travel. For my up coming trip I was able to book 2 hotel rooms cheaper and easier then I could on the websites for them. The app is very stable and I never have issues with it not working when I need it! I love the "secret price" I have found some amazing deals that way!! Highly Recommend.

Enjoyable experience, everything you need all in one place. Very informative and well put together. Great!

Very fast and easy to use. If you need help you can call and they can assist you right away. Recommend

SOOOO easy to use!! Found a hotel in Cali within 5 minutes offering everything I need!! LOVE this app!! Works perfectly

It can be temperamental at times -- changing my actual destination into "recent search". Overall, its easy to use and the hotel deals are competitive. Great job

Have used the app for about a year now. Had used the website for many years. Now I don't have to worry about losing an email or forgetting to print a confirmation. Very handy and easy to use. Works perfectly

The apps is good and with details of hotels. Unfortunately, it's quite expensive coz of taxes and fees additional. Luckily I had a coupon that lessen a bit of my bookings wow lol

Recomendado 100%. Es fácil de reservar, pagar y nunca tienes que recomiendo ni llamar al hotel. Me gusta mucho, tiene descuentos, es súper fácil de usar. Fantastic

It is good, but just one thing isn't good that hotels. com cannot use my local debit card, even though my debit card is master card. I don't know Why? Not bad

My family and I always book our Hotels through this app or website, and it always works just fine. Highly Recommend.

I love how easy it is to book a hotel thru this app. And the prices are very good. Recommend

This is the easiest app of all the hotel apps to use for me. The hotel brand apps are harder to understand points/free nights structure. Hotels dot com easy, stay X number of nights earn a stay. Prices are within a buck or two of other apps Recommend

Hotels saved us when we made a significant booking error in Expedia and could not change. They found us an affordable alternative. Muito bom!

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