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Ok you die to soon and when I ride at my horse back riding place the horses don't die and I ride for an hour I don't recommend this game. I know it looks great thou but I think you should fix it up, it is a good game thou Surprisingly

Goodbye to get it done, I will have the ability to make a great way. The big day and good wow lol

Got to the fireflies and the game stopped, no new quest, couldn' t give the fireflies to the witch I could move the horse, but no quests! Highly Recommend.

Don't let them get to you you tried your best to make this game don't give up I really wanted to give one star but I saw how mean they are to you don't give up I believe in you just one thing fix control it won't let me play the good game don't give up hope you'll get there don't worry just fix that and I will give it five stars hang in there buddy Perfect!

Cute game but the graphics are not the best of all. The controls are not great. Please fix this, then and only then I will give you 5 stars. But fix! Well done!!

It's ok but the horse is really slow and it's really laggy for me. I was looking forward to playing this but now I'm not so sure. Great job

Amazing, but... I really enjoyed everything, but I'm undownloading because the amount of enemies that spawn is insane and I can't complete any missions because if I go out too far tons of enemies start attacking me at once and I just can't enjoy the game because of it. Also my herd horse bill disappeared I cannot find him nor does he really help me in fights... :( Enjoy it!

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