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Great game! Except for some reason it won't let me breed constellation horses... I unlocked the combo and have the right breeds but it never gives me the Aries 3 horse as an option when breeding. :( Cool

I would give this game 5 stars if you could add friends easier as I cannot hire help usually as I only have 2 friends not including Amy.. Well done!!

This is the perfect game for people who love Horses. So many different breeds of horses to collect and sell. I love this game. Thank You Go well

This is the best app I've ever played. Maybe make diamonds easier to acquire. But I love it otherwise! Fantastic

Since the new upgrade when I breed horses it only gives me males. I tried contacting support and already had an account but now it won't let me log on and it tells me my email is invalid. This is very frustrating. Please help Well done!!

i'm really enjoying this game so far, but i feel like it'd be even better if players were able to rearrange everything in their ranches, stables included. it would allow for a more personalized designing experience. other than that, i love it. keep up the good work, ubisoft! Superb!

I love the game and all, but I wish it take up so much phone space. I wanted to update it, but I would have had to delete three other games and I only have five. So I ended up having to delete A Horse Haven in order to keep my other games and still be able to play. IT WOULDN'T LET ME PLAY WITH OUT UPDATING!!! Well done!!

I stopped playing it and now I love it and I have lots of breeds and 2 ranches❤ Superb!

I love the game, but it won't let me change my horses names? My keyboard doesnt work for some reason with re-naming my horses Works perfectly

I'm playing this game for almost two years, and never get bored. I uninstalled a lot of game's on this time except Horse Haven: World Adventures. At this moment I think we need a Grand Stable for fantasy land, and another land for exclusive horse's, they are so much now on the game. Thank you Ubisoft for this awesome game. ❤️ Cool

Cute game, lots of different things to do to keep it from getting dull. HOWEVER, the lag issues are annoying and it crashes at least a couple times a day where the app has to be restarted. 5 star

Great game would like to give it 5 stars but the invite friend option does not work Perfect!

I abousltley love it, it is an very education game, and the best horse game for the horse lovers in the world Highly Recommend.

Is is just me, or does the girl look like she wants to consume your soul?.. other than that, pretty good for a free game. Flawless

When I get it, it wont let me play it. It never lets me play it. I re downloaded it over and over. Never works. Please help!! Great!

I had this game on a phone I lost and it knows it so it will not let me connect to Facebook,, and it don't offer to replace it or reload old one like other games do ,, I was gonna subscribe, but I'm not gonna pay for something that don't work right Amazing!

It's a great game, I love that I get to interact with the horses and the graphics is good then only down fall is I can't earn money that much and you run out of it quick, and you can't make enough for crops or upgrading, since you have to upgrade alot to get food for the horses. Flawless

I like this game very much but it crashes and freezes a lot, like at least twice every hour. Works perfectly

It was fun the the first time I got it but now it won't load at all please fix th7s and I will change my review. Fantastic

Love this game and I especially love horses. Great games and hours of endless fun! Works great

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