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Well I mean ok fine it is very very very creepy the clowns pops up out of nowhere I mean come on you don't know if they are in back of you Amazing!

I really think there should be a horror Minecraft game. This is how close we get to one I love the game. Worth it!

It needs more clowns and horror peoples also I hate the well cause it's a trap just saying Works perfectly

BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job

I like the sound when it's dorck but the thing is what I don't like is the well.... when I go to the page it says to you do you like this game?that is what it says not me and it shows 5 storts and trost me it is enoying wow lol

Kacey Cleverley, you have to destroy flowers to get hearts man, Tiny dragon adventures+Minecraft+Horror=DA BEST GAME! Works perfectly

When I first hit nightfall I went in front of some trees after shooting the first bad monster I Practically went in the house of it while saying Mario help me Perfect

Questions about the game are: 1. Why's it's not an editor's choice? 2. When do we start at? Muito bom!

This game is awesome! The controls could use a little fix but other than that, it's awesome Well done!!

I like the game a lot it's like a awesome game it does have a lot of Graphics to it D&B Nations that you can have like a dog and a cat Great job

God bless you finished work for the rest eat and I will have a wonderful Great!

This game just makes your heart pounce It doesn't tell you how to harvest so you can't get hearts to live so the game is boring wow lol

*screams so loud*aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!! The monsters and ghosts are so scary (HELP AM LEAVING THIS HOUSE!!) Enjoy it!

His game works perfectly good on my phone so don't be haters if you don't have anything nice to say about it don't say it:-D Surprisingly

Awsome game!I love it 1000000000000000000%!It is scary but very fun!Download now! Pretty good

Awsome game its I just don't like the controls Make it more scary so people run screaming MWHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAH Highly Recommend.

Nice game!...maby a bit bad but good!....Me and my sister had fun with it☺️ Works great

Well this game is good but the game always lags and just turns off so...i disliked it Well done!!

This game is a battery wasteful it drains my battery so fast please fix this in the next update. Perfect

I love how the clowns are everywhere I'm scared of them so that makes it fun you should get it SO GOOD Worth it!

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